10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hotboy Wes

The last few years have been huge for Gucci Mane’s 1017 record label, and things have just gotten even better. It was recently announced that Gucci officially signed upcoming rapper Hotboy Wes to the label. Although Hotboy Wes has yet to release a full-length album, his mixtapes have generated a decent buzz and he’s managed to grow a solid fanbase. Now that he has the backing of a record label, he’ll be able to take his career to the next level. Lots of people feel that working with Gucci Mane is the perfect fit for Wes and they’re looking forward to Wes’ upcoming releases. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Hotboy Wes.

1. He’s A Texas Native

Hotboy Wes was born and raised in Waco, Texas and he’s very proud of his roots. Although he didn’t always have the easiest upbringing –or life in general– but music has always been something he could use as an outlet for whatever he was going through. As far as we can tell, he still lives in Texas.

2. He’s A Proud Father

Hotboy Wes is a devoted father of two. His children mean the world to him and they’re a big part of what keeps him motivated to keep moving forward and put his all into his career. Although he has shared a few photos of his children on social media, it doesn’t appear he has shared any information about their mother.

3. He Started Rapping In Elementary School

Most elementary school kids are only worried about nap time and playtime, but Hotboy Wes wasn’t your typical kid. According to Sparky, he started rapping when he was just seven years old. It’s unclear when he really started taking it seriously, but there’s no doubt that he isn’t as new to music as most people think.

4. He’s Had Lots Of Trouble With The Law

Often times when people grow up in dangerous and impoverished environments, they have to make some difficult decisions in order to keep themselves going. Hotboy Wes has definitely had to make some of those choices over the years. He was already a felon by the time he was 11 years old although we weren’t able to track down any of his exact charges.

5. He Loves Giving Back To The Community

Hotboy Wes is really proud of where he’s from, and he wants to do what he can to make the area better for those who are coming up behind him. As his career continues to grow, it’ll be interesting to see how Hotboy Wes continues to use his presence to help the people around him.

6. He Has A YouTube Channel

When you’re trying to break into the music industry, having a strong online presence is a must. In addition to his growing Instagram following, Hotboy Wes also has a YouTube channel where he posts music-related content. He currently has 7,670 followers and more than 525,000 total views.

7. He’s A Sister Souljah Fan

Sister Souljah has been a well-known figure in the Black American community since the mid-1980s. From rapping to writing books, her words have inspired countless people, and Hotboy Wes is one of them. Sparky TV mentions that Hotboy Wes “cites Sister Souljah as one of his favorite thinkers”.

8. He’s Suffered Some Tragic Losses

As mentioned before, things haven’t always been easy for Hotboy Wes, and some of the people he started his journey with are no longer here with him today. In a YouTube video with DeeboTV, Hotboy Wes talked about some of the loved ones he’s lost to violence over the years.

9. The Hot Boys Were One Of His Earliest Influences

When Hotboy Wes was growing up, he loved listening to the Louisiana-based rap group, the Hot Boys were one of his favorites. The group included legendary artists Lil Wayne and Juvenile. Although we weren’t able to find any information to confirm this, there’s a good chance his stage name was inspired by the Hot Boys.

10. He’s Pretty Private

These days, we’re all used to being able to run to the internet and look up information on our favorite celebrities. However, people looking for information on Hotboy Wes won’t find much. At this point in his career, Hotboy Wes hasn’t revealed much information about his personal life. Although he’s fairly active on social media, his content is primarily focused on his career. Now that he’s signed to a label, there’s a good chance he’ll start doing more interviews and give the public a little more insight into who he is as a person.

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