Dragged Under’s “The World Is In Your Way” Tracks Ranked From Worst To Best

Born from the ashes of Rest, Repose, a band that was started by YouTubers Ryan “Fluff” Bruce and Jared Dines, with the band ending following Dines’ departure. Dragged Under looks to shed the YouTube moniker and following in the footsteps of modern rock headliners such as Bring Me The Horizon, Deftones, and Beartooth.

They released their debut album The World Is In Your Way in 2020, embarking on a US tour with The Used in January 2020, the band is set to become one of the next big names in modern metal.

Here is every song from The World Is In Your Way ranked from worst to best.

12. Covered In Sin

A very hard hitting song, packed full of heavy guitar riffs and aggressive vocals. The song features a lot more groove progressions as opposed to straight hard hitting riffing. Overall it is a strong song, and it says a lot about the quality of an album when the “worst” song is still really good and worthy of a listen to.

11. The Hardest Drug

Another groove driven song with a modern twist, taking inspiration from modern rock titans, this would make a great song to be in the pit to, hopefully we will see the band grace festival stages once again very soon.

10. This Holiday

Dragged Under’s take on a Christmas song, if all Xmas songs sounded like this I might go carol singing. I’ve always enjoyed pop-punk Christmas songs, such as Blink-182’s I Won’t Be Home For Christmas and this is another fine example coming from the genre.

9. Roots

Roots brings a groove metal feel to the album, with a slower-paced and crunchy guitar riff driving much of the song. The song still features Dragged Under’s trademark anthemic chorus, making it a song that is very easy to sing along too.

8. Riot

This song has a single written all over it, blending various hard rock influences together to create a sing-along anthemic style song with heavy riffs and melodic lead sections. Dragged Under know when to dial things back to deliver the maximum impact from the chorus. Riot is a perfect example of why Dragged Under need to be on your radar right now.

7. Here For War

If Dragged Under are here for war, we want to be on their team because they sound like they’ll crush your skull without hesitation. Here For War is one of the heavier songs on the album, getting right down to business with an aggressive combination of fast down-tuned riffs, speed drumming, and Tony’s anger-fueled vocals. This song makes us miss moshpits and we hope one day they will be filled with thousands of fans headbanging along to this modern metal anthem.

6. Feel It

Feel It feels like a love letter to bands such as Jimmy Eat World, with a 2000s American rock feel to it. This song perfectly showcases the versatility of the band, with them being more than capable of delivering crushing breakdown and gutwrenching screams, but they can also dial it back and create catchy arena rock anthems.

5. Instability

Sitting at almost 3.4 million plays on Spotify, Instability is Dragged Under’s most popular track on the streaming platform, and we can see why. I’m also not sure why but a false start always makes me like something more, and the one in Instability is fantastic, followed by one of the hardest hitting intros in modern hardcore. This song is catchy, heavy, bouncy, and ticks all of the right boxes with us.

4. Just Like Me

Songs such as Just Like Me showcase the variety of inspiration that the band has, with the song having a more modern punk feel to it, rather than the more hardcore style that many of their songs take inspiration from. Well, that is until the bridge hits and it hits you in the face like a truck. Dragged Under will have at least one song that appeals to someone in the rock music scene.

3. The Real You

Serving as the album’s opener, The Real You is the perfect song to introduce the world to Dragged Under, slowly building into a ferocious hardcore song featuring heavy riffs and drums along with Tony’s intense screaming vocals before switching into a chorus that would be right at home on any top modern pop-punk album. Dragged Under has arrived and we hope they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

2. Chelsea

Written about singer Anthony Cappocchi’s girlfriend Chelsea, the song is a rock anthem that serves as a thank you for her sticking by him through thick and thin. This is a song that is relatable for anyone with a spouse, replace the name Chelsea with your significant other and it applies to your life too. Many songs written about a specific person usually end up being very cheesy, whereas Chelsea is without a doubt one of the best modern rock songs I’ve ever heard.

1. Hypochondria

The first song released by Dragged Under, Hypochondria let the world know that one of the next top modern metal bands had arrived on the scene. Dealing with the subject of mental health, the song has a very frantic pace and feel to it which suits the subject matter. The initial popularity of the song helped put the band on the map, with Dragged Under supporting The Used on a full US tour in January 2020.

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