The 10 Best Busta Rhymes Songs of All-Time

Busta Rhymes

There is no doubting how good a rapper Busta Rhymes is. His career began when he began writing lyrics as a teenager. His career spans over 20 years, and he’s one of the most iconic rappers in hip hop. Busta Rhymes was an original member of Leaders of the New School before founding Conglomerate (initially Flipmode Entertainment) with another famous crew from Crenshaw called “The ConglomoSquad.” In the course of his incredible career, he has released seven albums and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. He has also been nominated for numerous awards including 12 Grammy Award nominations, though he is yet to win one. He has won 5 Billboard Music Awards and has been named among the Top 50 Lyricists of all time by The Source. Check out the top ten Busta Rhymes songs of all time.

10. Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check


Busta Rhymes showcases his multidisciplinary talents in this song by sampling from the 1968 instrumental tune “Space.” The lyrics are witty and tongue-in-cheek while being socially conscious-exactly what we expect from him. For good measure, he also throws in some dope drums for us listeners who love hip-hop beats. In 2008, the song was ranked number 56 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.

9. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See


“Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” is a rap song that has an interpolation from Seals and Crofts and “Sweet Green Fields.” The single serves as the lead single from his second studio album, When Disaster Strikes (1997), released in 1996. It became nominated at the 40th Grammy Awards for Best Rap Solo Performance. The win once again made him the only artist to achieve this feat twice in the overtime period. This was since DJ Kool Herc won one award back during the 1980s, while Run -DMC also earned two wins, each between 1984 and 1986.

8. I Know What You Want


The lead singles off of his album “It Ain’t Safe No More,” Busta Rhymes collaborated with Mariah Carey for the first time on this track. The duet features two verses from both rappers. However, one has an auto-tuned voice while singing, which adds some uniqueness to their styles, especially for Busta Rhymes. Rhymes’ single “I Know What You Want” became a worldwide hit, peaking at number 3 in the United States and Australia. It also charted highly on other charts, including U.K. and Canada.

7. Dangerous

The song “Dangerous” is the second single from Busta Rhymes’ 1995 album When Disaster Strikes. Several people write the lyrics, but it’s primarily based on a freestyle rap between him and Mase. It became trendy when he performed at Madison Square Garden in 1999 wearing tight pants with rhinestones all over them while singing this one line that went something like: “I’m dangerous/they call me dangerous.” “Dangerous” has a rhythm tempo of 103 BPM. The chorus in this song was taken from a 1983 Long Island Regional Poison Control Council PSA warning children on the dangers associated with loose prescription medications and how too much can be dangerous if not handled properly.

6. It’s a Party


“It’s a Party” is an upbeat song with lyrics that describes how Busta Rhymes’ life has changed after he reached success. Zhané’s vocals pair well against Easy Mo Bee’s rap, and it comes in at #52 on Billboard Hot 100 for charts dated June 2000. The hits have a music video directed by Marcus Raboy to go along with its charting performance.

5. Arab Money


This track has at least three remixes where Busta Rhymes features different rappers in each version. The video of the song, which was directed by Rik Cordero, also features guest appearances from fellow rappers such as Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

4. Break Ya Neck


Busta Rhymes’ second single, “Break Ya Neck,” won’t be the only thing that busts in this song. The lyrics are full of references and allusions to other rap records, giving it an old-fashioned feeling while still being fresh with its crisp production from Dr. Dre & Scott Storch’s beats on wax.” The video for “Bust A Move 621,” includes cameos by 50 Cent before he became known as Curtis Jackson III; Nas is performing his hit track “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”; DMX – two more artists who have sold millions worldwide through their music alone.

3. Touch It


“Touch It” by Busta Rhymes was released on December 13, 2005. The first single from his 2006 album reached number one in New Zealand and sixteenth place on U.K.’s prestigious charts for digital downloads that same year (2005). Featuring minimalistic beats provided by Swizz Beatz and an electronic sample taken from Daft Punk’s “Technologic.”

2. Pass The Courvoisier (Part 2)


It’s incredible how good Busta Rhymes raps in this track while also keeping us entertained in this track. “Pass The Courvoisier (Part 2)” features P.Diddy and Pharrell Williams who make the track more catchy. The song also has a great video that was inspired by the movies, Rush Hour 2 and Harlem Nights.

1. We Made It


At position one is the track, “We Made It,” which was a promotional single for Busta Rhymes’s eighth studio album, Back on My B.S. The song features vocals from Linkin Park and fellow rappers Ludacris and Kurupt, who team up to create what producer Cool & Dre called “an epic track.” The track has charted in several countries, including the US, at number 65. Lyrically, this song is about something you can’t escape or understand because it’s too deep inside yourself.

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