The 10 Best Classic Rock Karaoke Songs

Third Eye Blind

Karaoke is one of those shamelessly fun hobbies when everyone gets to be a rock star for a few minutes, even if it’s only with a group of friends. Because you usually sing karaoke in a bar, your performances are anthemic recreations bolstered by adult beverages. Many people have one song that they sing each time they find a place that offers a stage, a screen, and the opportunity to be famous for a few minutes. Another element of Karaoke that makes it so enticing is that no one cares if you are bad or great at your song while you’re on stage. If they do, it’s because they have stage fright. Whatever you think about singing karaoke, remember it’s all in the song selection, and classic rock has the most memorable picks for your fifteen minutes. Many people in their 40s will look at this list with songs from their youth and think how are that classic rock but think about the younger up-and-coming Karaoke singers who want to sing a classic song. Other songs are classic rock from a previous generation. However, all of them have one thing in common: they are the ten best songs for classic rock karaoke.

10. Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield


This song is part of the last call set. It’s when a guy has had more than his limit, and it’s the final call. He wants to do something iconic but can’t bring out his inner heavy metal god, so he thinks this is a cute song that will catch someone’s eye before the bar closes.

9. Mustang Sally – Wilson Picket


Even though you may think this song would belong to Tim Taylor dad’s who are still chasing cool, it’s more for frat boys who want to seem ironic. Mustang Sally lends itself to a group or that one guy who thinks this song will get the attention of the house he desperately wants to join.

8. Mr. Brightside – The Killers


This song is a great one for men who are still coping with being a first dad. It was great during their early 20s, and now that they see it slipping away, they think singing it again will make them young again. It will, but only for fifteen minutes.

7. I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick


Bachelorette parties and Karaoke go together like cosmos and TGI Fridays. Someone who is celebrating her last night of freedom would have a solid pick with this song. Grab the rest of the party except the person who is too shy. After all, you’ll want a picture.

6. Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Seger


This song lends itself to any group or singer. It encapsulates every reason why Karaoke is so much fun. Segers’ song has energy and a catchy beat to sing along. You might not need the screen prompters if you graduated high school in the mid-eighties. Just remember, most bars have a dress code, and if you walked in dressed like Tom Cruise, you’d miss your performance.

5. Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind


When this song came out, anyone who was 21 or older drank Zima and listened to the group’s freshman album. It’s ok to deny it; we were in our own houses doing the same thing, so we’re not judging. Nonetheless, this song needs to be back on tour with anyone who wants to sing an upbeat song that will have everyone in the bar singing along with you.

4. Kryptonite – Three Doors Down


Three Doors Down hit the airwaves with their first hit in 1999. Even though they had several other hits, this one remains the group’s most iconic tune. It’s a great song for anyone who wants to brave the Karaoke stage because there will be enough people in the bar who will know the chorus by heart, so if you freeze, they’ll have your back.

3. What I Got – Sublime


California rock group Sublime built their career on good times and lots of partying. D-list bar bands have made this a staple in their setlists. It’s a natural choice for someone who wants a catchy beginner song from one of the greatest decades of music. Even though your choice may not catch a talent scout’s eye, you’ll own the stage alone or with a group of friends, even if you’re not quite old enough to remember this group during their heyday.

2. American Woman – Lenny Kravitz


The Guess Who first recorded this song in the 1970s, and Lenny Kravitz resurrected it in 1999, as the classic 90s sound began to fade into the 00s. Nonetheless, Kravitz’s version is for those who still aspire to be rock stars. It’s hard not to feel like one with the heavy guitar riffs throughout the song. Yet, try to focus on your singing and not playing an epic air guitar.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen


Ever since the famous scene in the 1992 movie Wayne’s World, this song has been a top choice for a group of friends who wants to sing at a Karaoke bar. Bonus points if you sneak in a little headbang action. Just don’t go too far with your rock and roll dreams and smash a guitar from the house band. Queen’s rock opera might sound like an intimidating choice, but if you think you’re not worthy, give it a try it will be a memorable performance.

Grab the mic

Karaoke isn’t for people who are classically trained singers or those with recording contracts. It’s for people who know songs by heart and want to have fun. Many people shy away from the stage because they’re scared they’ll embarrass themselves or friends will post videos on social media. Anything they try to embarrass you with will only increase your fifteen minutes of fame. Take a deep breath and channel your inner rock legend. You’re probably already a Guitar Hero. Practice the song a few times if you must before going on stage, but any song you pick will be a great experience because, during the time you’re a singer, you are a rock star.

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