10 Things You Didn’t Know about Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi is a native American citizen and a musician, who sings hip hop and rap. He is a superstar in the entertainment industry and he is well known for his songs. Read on to find out more about the things you didn’t know about in his life.

1. His birthplace

Slim Jxmmi’s real name is Aaquil Brown. His first stage name was Caliboy before he changed it to Slim Jxmmi. He was born on 9th, December 1991 at Inglewood, California, United States, and grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, and his birth sign is Capricorn. He grew up with his other three siblings, Swea Lee, Michael, and Floyd jr.

2. His upbringing

He grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi where he started his career in music. Along with his younger brother Swae Lee and other local rappers, they formed a music group known as “Dem Outta St 8 Boyz ” He and his two brothers were raised up by their mother after their father abandoned them. According to Everipedia, Slims’ mother worked in the military and this had an impact on her children lives as they would move from place to place as it was assigned to her together with her family. They moved to several states, including Maryland, and Mississippi, but they later settled in Fort hood, Texas. Slims’ mother known as Bernadette Walker got married to Floyd Sullivan and she gave birth to Slim’s younger brother Floyd jr. The stepfather to Slim started selling drugs to support his family after they moved to Tupelo.

3. Slims education background

He was fortunate to have gone to school at Tupelo high school and graduated. Not much is known about his educational background. However, according to stars grab, Slim started his music career in high school together with a local rapper Lil pantz.

4. His humble beginning

Nothing came on a silver platter for Slim, started his music career at a young age, he would rap with his younger brother Swae Lee. He began his career from scratch and built his way up among the stars in the music industry. While in high school, he practiced so hard and gave rapping a chance by attending any events available just to showcase his talent in music. While still in high school, his brother Lee and Jemiah formed a trio band Outta St 8 Boyz whereby they performed and toured the whole Mississippi and started gaining their fame slowly by slowly. The energy and sacrifice did not go into the drain; the people started to acknowledge and appreciate their music.

5. His musical and career journey

Slim and the outta st8 boys were performing in an event as usual and little did they know the Atlanta producer P-Nazty was there and he was among the crowd watching and listening to the show. P-Nazty spotted that they are talented and introduced the brothers to Mike Will Made-It. He listened to what they could offer the music industry and later signed them up to Made-It Mafia. The sibling’s breakthrough started from there and unfortunately, their partner Jeremiah left to go further his studies and the brothers moved to Atlanta to record their first music. They later changed the group name to Rae sremmurd after they were signed up with Mikes’ Will Made It EarDrummers Entertainment. The name by the way was derived from the label name and written backward.

6. His family

Slim and his siblings grew up in a violent neighborhood that exposed them to so many harmful things with the divorce of his parents taking place and his mum was left to be the breadwinner, she had to spend most of the time order providing for them. According to the famous people, the family had to move in search of shelter from one area to another and this affected them badly. With the stepfather sell drugs to support them, the children were negatively impacted by this and it influences some of their bad behaviors and the neighborhood contributed to this as the crime was normal, things like murder, street fights, rape, and drugs were common everyday thing. All this didn’t make him a bad person and he didn’t want to follow the steps of his friends in the neighborhood, he focused on building his career and life in music.

7. Slims become a dad

Slim was blessed with a baby boy in January 2021 with Kee and became a father at the age of 30. He shared a picture of the son on his Instagram page although he has not said much about him. It’s evident he wishes to keep his sons’ life private, the birth of his child brought much joy to him and he couldn’t hide the excitement anymore according to hot new hip hop, he explains how happy he feels to be responsible and have given his mother his first grandson.

8.Slim Jxmmi net worth

He has a net worth of $9 million. All this was contributed by his career in music through various albums that he made in a duo with his brother Swae Lee, known for best hip-hop songs through Rae Sremmurd. Their songs have hit the world’s best music platforms since they released the first album. They made it to being number one on US Rap and US R&B/Hip-hop charts and appeared on the billboard 200 charts as top 5 in 2015 just to mention a few.

9. His fighting allegations

Slim Jxmmi had been alleged to be involved in several fights and some of them ended up so deadly. He was accused of beating up his girlfriend Kee while she was four months pregnant which contributed to them splitting up. In another incident, he visited a university where he was to perform on a solo gig and ended up fighting the DJ for not playing the songs that he had requested. According to XXL, sometime back in 2019 he was involved in a fight that led to someone being hospitalized for stab wounds, as they were fighting with another group who were recording them at Auckland

10. Awards

Within a short duration period in the entertainment world, Slim Jxmmi was nominated for various awards. In 2017 he got nominated for “Favorite New Artist” at the “Nickelodeon kids”. In 2016 he was nominated for the “BET Awards” for “Best Group” and “International Dance Music Awards” for the “Best Rap/hip-hop Track” category. In 2015 he got nominated for “Artist to Watch” at the “MTVU Woodie Awards” and in the same year at the “Billboard Music Awards” as a “Top Rap Artist” and along with his brother they won the “BET Awards”

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