10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ralo

Ralo isn’t one of the most commercially successful rappers in the game, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t extremely talented. As an artist, Ralo has earned the respect of fans and listeners. His authentic style and catchy lyrics have made his music impossible to ignore, and it’s clear that he has the potential to have a long-lasting career. Unfortunately, however, Ralo’s legal troubles have made it difficult for him to gain the momentum he needs to break into the mainstream. Many people are hoping that within the next couple of years he’s able to get himself on track and do what he needs to do to further his career. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Ralo.

1. He Is An Atlanta Native

Over the last decade or so, Atlanta has become one of the hottest cities in hip-hop and it’s home to some of the biggest names in the industry. Ralo was born and raised in Atlanta and he’s really proud to be from the city. As far as we can tell, that is the only place he’s lived.

2. He Has His Own Record Label

Lots of people may know that Ralo is signed to Gucci Mane’s record label, 1017 Records. However, what many people may not know is that Ralo also has his own record label called Famerica Records. We weren’t able to find a list of artists who are currently affiliated with the label.

3. He Is A Muslim

Religion isn’t something that gets talked about often in hip-hop, but that’s not true when it comes to Ralo. His faith is something that is very important to him, and it’s something that he’s leaned on many times over the years. He practices the Islamic faith, but it’s unclear if he was raised in the religion or decided to convert as an adult.

4. Drake Supports Him Being Released From Jail

In 2018, Ralo was arrested on criminal conspiracy charges and he has since been behind bars. Lots of people have spoken out demanding his release, and Drake is one of the many big name artists who has advocated for Ralo’s return home. According to Forbes, Drake signed a letter to president Joe Biden asking for Ralo to be released. Drake also mentioned Ralo’s name in his song “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”.

5. He Became A Millionaire Selling Drugs

For a lot of rappers, being in the industry is the first time they’ve gotten their hands on large amounts of money. However, that’s not Ralo’s story. He was a millionaire long before he started rapping thanks to drugs. An article from DJ Booth mentioned that Ralo said, “I was never able to produce more money in the rap game than I produced in the drug game. I made $12 million dollars in one year.”

6. He Is A Dad

We weren’t able to find much information on Ralo’s upbringing, but we do know that family is very important to him. Being a father is something that he takes a lot of pride in. It’s unclear exactly how many children he has, although sources suggest that he has five.

7. He Is Anti-Snitching

If there’s one thing you won’t ever catch Ralo doing, it’s snitching. In June of 2021, Ralo posted on Instagram letting everyone know that he could’ve gotten released from jail a long time ago had he chosen to snitch. However, that’s something he absoloutely refuses to do.

8. He Sells Merch

If you’re a fan of Ralo and want to support him, listening to his music isn’t the only way for you to do that. You can also purchase some of the branded merchandise that he sells through his website. Currently, some of the items he sells are hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, hats, and sandles.

9. He Doesn’t Care About Fitting In

There are plenty of rappers who have switched their entire style to fit in with the rest of the industry. Ralo has no interest in doing that, though. Ralo told Vibe, “You’ll never see me rapping like them other rappers, or you’ll never see me trying to fit in. I’m just me. I ain’t never pop no Xanax, drink no alcohol, ain’t into the fashion and lean. I’m a man.”

10. He Is A Jay-Z Fan

Despite the fact that he’s a southern rapper, east coast hip-hop has been instrumental in Ralo’s life as a fan and an artist. He came up listening to New York legends like Jay-Z and Jadakiss and he’s a big fan of their work. He is also inspired by Jay-Z’s trajectory in the industry.

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