10 Things You Didn’t Know about BBG Baby Joe

BBG Baby JOe

BBG Baby Joe, even though he is fairly young and has been in the music industry for quite some time, has managed to have an impact not only in the music scene of his home state but also, especially recently, in the entire country. He has been recently gaining a huge fan base, and some have known him ever since he started making music and since he put out his first pieces of music art. Even though he has a huge fan base, there are still those who do not know anything about him and those who want to know more about him. Therefore, here are ten things you did not know about BBG Baby Joe.

1. Early life

BBG Baby Joe, whose real name is Joseph Dentrell Robinson, was born on the 19th of August, 1999. He was born and raised in Baton Rouge, a town in the state of Louisiana. The music scene, especially in hip-hop, the genre where BBG Baby Joe would occupy in the early 2000s, was dominated by acts like Boosie Badass. In fact, BBG Baby Joe has stated that Boosie was a huge influence in his early life, and there are even traces of Boosie’s style in BBG Baby Joe’s music.

2. Starting in music

BBG Baby Joe began making waves in the music industry in 2018. This was after he released NBA Gurilla. When he started making a bit of traction in the industry, people, fans, and other artists alike started to take about him.

3. Debut music

The first project he ever released was NBA Gurilla, a mixtape that included many hits and made many waves, initially in Baton Rouge and then the rest of the country. The project contained hits like Smoke, Drako, and, perhaps his most viral hit, Iraq. The latter song had an accompanying video, and since its release, it has gained over five million views and streams on YouTube. What makes this even more appealing is that it did so in less than a year, showing how influential it was.

4. Music style

As mentioned earlier, BBG Baby Joe music is heavily influenced by the hip-hop scene and culture in Baton Rouge, a culture that was cultivated by numerous artists, but most especially Boosie Baddass. This type of hip hop has a sort of rawness that is in every way authentic and that has managed to make it into mainstream hip hop over the years.

5. Cinematic music group

After the release of his first album, several labels started to make moves to sign him. Eventually, after facing competition from several top-shelf labels, he became a Cinematic Music Group roster of artists, signing a record deal with the label and conglomerate.

6. Friends in the business

He has made a couple of artist friends in the business since he burst onto the scene with his initial mixtapes and records. Most notably, he is an affiliate of Youngboy Never Broke Again, another native of Baton Rouge, and another artist holding his own when it comes to mainstream hi hip-hop and music. BBG Baby Joe is also friends with rapper and business mogul Birdman, who signed Youngboy Never Broke Again to his label. In fact, before BBG Baby Joe signed to Cinematic Music Group, it was rumored that he too was about to sign with Birdman and his label’s latest project. Recently, BBG Baby Joe announced the tracklist for his latest project. When the project was released, it received huge critical acclaim and was a huge commercial success. The album itself is a story in which he describes where he comes from, what shaped him to become who he is, and what he is today. Everything from the production to the songwriting serves this ubiquitous theme. There are a couple of trap songs on the album, most of which have become southern trap anthems and are especially popular in Baton Rouge.

7. Next Project

BBG Baby Joe is already planning to release another body of work and has revealed the name, tracklist, and features on the album. The album is called B4 It’s All Said and Done, and it is packed with many heavy-hitting features. Some of the features include YB, 9lokkNine, BloccBoy KB, and even birdman. The album has had an amazing roll-out schedule, and BBG Baby Joe has even been included in the Rolling Stone and Complex rankings for the top ‘Baby’ artists in the country. In many ways than one, BBG Baby Joe has been putting the Baton Rouge music scene on the map.

8. He was involved in an accident

On the 2nd of November, 2019, BBG Baby Joe was involved in a targeted shooting with his fellow rapper and associate Youngboy Never Broke Again and a couple of other people. The incident ended with three men getting hot and injured and BBG Baby Joe being shot and wounded in his ear. The people who were hit were rushed to the hospital, but BBG Baby Joe didn’t go because his wound wasn’t a major one. Immediately after the incident, they went on Instagram live to try and explain what had happened.

9. Social media

BBG Baby Joe has, as stated, a huge fan base, and a testament to this is the number of followers he has over the numerous social media platforms that he is on. On Instagram, he has over one million followers, and that number is steadily increasing as each day passes. This number increases exponentially when you consider that he is present on a myriad of social media platforms. The main reason he is so popular is not only because of his music but also because he can connect with his fans personally, like by hosting live Instagram sessions regularly.

10. Personal life and net worth

In mid-2018, BBG Baby Joe became a father. Though the name of the child’s mother is not known, it is known that the child is called King. The family resides in Baton Rouge, though BBG Baby Joe does tour a lot because of his music. As of 2021, it is estimated that BBG Baby Joe has a net worth of more than a million dollars, which has accumulated because of his music’s popularity.

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