Toosii Has a Theory That Popeyes Chicken Started the Pandemic

When Popeyes debuted their hand-breaded chicken sandwiches in the summer of 2019, people all over the country went crazy. Countless people waited in line for hours. Some people were even willing to get violent for a chance to taste the famous sandwich. The sandwich’s popularity was almost hard to believe and Popeyes locations all over the country quickly began to sell out. While the hype over the sandwich has been a great thing for Popeyes, there is at least one person who believes it wasn’t such a good thing for the world. New York-based rapper/singer Toosii believes that the Popeyes chicken sandwich is actually responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve heard some pretty interesting theories about the pandemic over the last year and a half, but this one might just take the cake. Keep reading to learn all about Toosii’s Popeyes chicken sandwich theory.

Toosii’s Theory About The Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Any time something becomes extremely popular in a small window of a time, there are always a few conspiracy theories to go along with it. However, Toosii’s is one that no one could’ve seen coming. During an episode of The Mix on Fox Soul, Toosii and a panel of other celebrities played a game called “F**k, marry, kill”. When asked to decide between Popeyes, Chick-fil-a, and Church’s Chicken, Toosii said that killing Popeyes was a no-brainer for him. The other guests were visibly shocked by his choice. Toosii went on to explain, “Why after the Popeyes chicken sandwich came out, the pandemic was a thing. Tell me, did the world not go in a hole once Popeyes came out with that chicken sandwich?”. Although this theory may sound crazy to some, the panelists on the show couldn’t help but agree that he might be on to something.

Toosii’s comments appeared to be in good fun, but the internet has already had a field day with the clip. Some people have also agreed that the timing of the sandwich’s release and the pandemic has been a little coincidental. For those who are interested in the timeline, the Popeyes chicken sandwich was released in August 2019 which was just four months before the first COVID-19 case was reported in Wuhan, China. The first reported case of the virus in the United States was in January 2020. Realistically, these two events probably don’t have anything to do with each other, but  the internet is still having a field day with Toosii’s comments.

Other Conspiracy Theories About The Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

The Distraction Conspiracy

Toosii isn’t the only person out there who has come up with a theory surrounding the famous chicken sandwich. In fact, there are some people who seriously think something is up with Popeyes. In 2019, professional basketball player Evan Turner shared a theory of his own. He tweeted, “A conspiracy theorist would try to argue that the “Popeyes chicken sandwich” phenomenon was created to distract us from something that the government is doing…I’m goin to stick with shake shack until things get sorted out.”

At the time, several people quickly responded that this theory was kind of week. However, in the nearly two years since the tweet was published, some people have doubled back and said they now believe the sandwich was designed to distract us from COVID-19.

The Cannibalism Conspiracy

This conspiracy theory wasn’t very widespread, but it’s worth talking about nonetheless. In November of 2019, a Reddit user named Just_Angelo shared a very disturbing theory. The person wrote, “What if Popeyes chicken sandwich was a way of the government to see how we would react to eating people. (Basically what if Popeyes was made out of people and nobody realized)#Popeyes #PopeyesChickenSandwich”. No one seemed to agree. Another user even pointed out that human meat is red meat.

Marketing Conspiracy

Marketing is very important when trying to sell any kind of product or service. Popeyes definitely didn’t go the cheap route when it came to marketing their sandwich. However, some people believe that Popeyes intentionally marketed the sandwich to the Black community. According to The Grio, “The brand utilized social media as a way to crack into the coveted African-American consumer mind. Through Twitter, Popeyes marketing team used slick vernacular and slang to not only talk about the new sandwich but to diss their competition.” Many are upset by this because the sandwich is not a very healthy option. While this idea is less of a true conspiracy theory and more of a legitimate theory, it’s still an interesting one to look at.

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