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Kirk Hammett Interview About Making a Comeback with the METALLICA

Kirk Hammett reveals his thoughts about making a comeback with the METALLICA band. He also says his current level of guitar playing and upcoming events.

METALLICA recently released its symphony live album “S&M2” and you can also pre-order here. Kirk has been collaborating with Edwin Outwater for this live and orchestral project He also working separately on the new material for the METALLICA‘s upcoming album.

We also know he is the horror movie fans and for that a collection of new horror-themed songs. He’s been working on are the best of his career right now.

Speaking to Metallica’s fan club magazine So What!, Kirk Hammett shares opinions about making a comeback with the METALLICA:

“In terms of the whole health thing and COVID, yeah, it’s a lot of anxiety. How are we gonna do this in a safe fashion that protects the health of everyone involved? That was a major thing, and you know, fortunately, we hooked up with a group of people, COVID-expert people, who were able to help us accomplish what we needed to do, which was be together as a band and be together with our crew in a way that made sense all the way around, health-wise specifically.”

Yeah. And beyond that, let’s talk about the chemistry of the band coming together after a year. I’ll put you on the spot. You were never in doubt that the ‘click’ was going to happen? I expect it. I expect that to happen. And I’d be hard-pressed to show up and all of a sudden there was no ‘click.’ The only reason, the only way that happens, is if we’re not playing together and we’re just talking instead of playing.”

Kirk Hammett also talks about  ‘Pandemica’: 

“It presented a path into the future through this weird situation that we all find ourselves in. It presented a path moving forward, and I think that was the most important thing. Because we were in a place of trepidation caused by all this, as everyone was, in terms of what’s the future gonna bring? How are we gonna do things in the future?

I mean there is a real feeling of trepidation that everyone is experiencing right now. And so being able to work through that and see a clear path moving forward, I think that was a huge, huge accomplishment and it was a huge relief. It was information that we needed to figure out for ourselves.”

Check out the fan video for the ‘METALLICA – PANDEMICA‘ event below.

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