The 10 Best Moby Songs of All-Time


“Play” was the first song to draw the attention of music critics, which didn’t do well on the billboards until the 2000s. It ended up being a “blessing in disguise,” though not every Moby fan termed it ecstatic at first. But you know how music plays out, particularly for performers like Moby, who has been in the music industry since he was nine years old. Despite starting music in an abandoned warehouse, it turns out that Moby’s simplistic songs are one of a kind. This list of the ten best Moby songs of all time is about to show you how talented he is.

10. Raining Again


“Never knew but nothing less, couldn’t see that I had guessed, couldn’t see, couldn’t stay away.” These are the opening lyrics to Moby’s song “Raining Again.” The song takes you to an apartment with large windows. It gets you watching the rains hit the windows, adding serenity to the atmosphere. Moby’s vocals combined with the electronica instrumentals will make you beg for more.

9. Machete


Moby’s love for symbolism in his songs portrays his intelligence, a hack he used in his “Machete” song. The song is part of his 1999’s milestone, Play, which created a myriad of controversies. It takes you to a dark place with shoots of hailstones to make you understand what the song is all about. It takes a musical genius to blend hip-hop rhythms along with rock instrumentals. According to Fidlar, Moby confesses that this was his best song amid the controversies that “Play” created.

8. Feeling so Real


So that you know, Moby traces his roots back to club-like settings. His song “Feeling so Real” takes you back to when frantic jams were the in-thing. It’s a place where even the laziest DJs will want to wake up Monday morning to set your adrenaline kicking. We don’t know about you, but having two left feet isn’t an excuse to avoid dancing to this tune. However, it’s been long since Moby graced us with such songs.

7. When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die (Feat Mimi Goese)


Everything about “When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die” by Moby portrays the amount of ecstasy electronic music can bring. The song stands somewhere in the middle of hyperactivity and intimacy. It was Moby’s way of exploring as many tunes and genres as he could because he thought that’s the only album that could generate top hits. Listen to it, and you will know how good Moby is at tearing things down. His collaboration with Mimi Goese was timely because this song came out at the height of his music success. Her voice will make you buzz with excitement.

6. We are All Made of Stars


Do you remember how the world almost came to a standstill thanks to the horrific events of 9/11? Whether you were a victim or knew of someone who was, Moby’s song “We Are All Made of Stars” will give you peace of mind. Moby wrote it in his New York City apartment alongside cameos, Ron Jeremy, JC Chavez, and Verne Troyer. As Billboard reports, follows suit with Moby as the lead singer.

5. Go


“Go” is one of Moby’s most talked-about and critiqued songs, released in 1990. As you already know, Moby likes to shoot his 90s rave scenes in abandoned warehouses, which is pretty much what he’s done with “Go.” At this song’s release, Moby was on a world tour in Europe, the US, and other countries. The song remains a generational anthem to this day.

4. Extreme Ways


Besides pop music, Moby is also talented in rock music. His song “Extreme Ways” depicts how talented he uses his influences to make music. It’s an anthem for the Bourne film series. It’ll take you between punk-like settings with a dash of rock roots, combined with dirty and steamy lyrics, probably the kind of music you want to hear before bed while downing a bottle of scotch or whisky.

3. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Feat Diane Charlemagne)


There’s something about Moby’s song “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” that makes you feel helpless. Imagine him sitting in a written-off car in an old warehouse, pouring his heart out. His sad voice does the trick. It’s no wonder he’s popular with female fans. Collaborating with Diane Charlemagne makes you think of him as the warrior who saves a “damsel in distress.” The best part about this song is that Moby humorously plays the storybook hero, The Little Prince.

2. South Side (Feat. Gwen Stefani)


“Play” wasn’t the only song that brought out Moby’s gothic side. “South Side” also proved that Moby could bring out a devilish video that almost sent fans reeling with ecstasy. Featuring alongside Gwen Stefani, Moby’s “South Side” peaked the Billboards Hot 100 chart at number 14. According to Billboard, the song was shot in Chicago, which is house music that Moby pays tribute to.

1. Porcelain


If you thought the song “Porcelain” is all about cookware, you thought wrong. Moby uses this song to revive “Fight for Survival,” which he released a few years later. In the song, Moby talks about how stressful his life has been. Despite that, he’s come out victorious. “Porcelain” was released in a lull live set. The director, Danny Boyle,” wanted it to look sophisticated. It didn’t take long before he decided to include Beach-like settings. Making Leonardo DiCaprio, the center of attraction was the song’s icing on the cake, which is why we rated this song as the best.


If a “workaholic” were a musician and performer, then Moby would be it. This list might not have featured all his songs, but it goes a long way in proving his endearing spirit to entertain and inspire his fans. Also, Moby is a philanthropist who works with many charities, providing free music for independent filmmakers. An endearing personality combined with talent and hard work makes this list of the 10 Best Moby Songs of All-Time worth listening to.

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