The 10 Best Charlotte Church Songs of All-Time

Who is Charlotte Church and what has she done? Born in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales on February 21, 1986, her given name was Charlotte Maria Reed. She’s a Welsh soprano who got her first musical break when she was only 11. It came when young Charlotte sang on a popular TV show called “This Morning”. She did a beautiful rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Pie Jesu’ over the telephone.

She’s a true classical singer at heart but went on to forge a very successful career as a TV presenter and pop star. Today, she’s worth $8 million and has appeared on numerous TV shows, including The Masked Singer, Heartbeat, Touched by an Angel, and several TV specials. She also appeared in a film, Craig Ferguson’s “I’ll Be There”, and sang “All Love Can Be” in Ron Howard’s 2001 hit feature film “A Beautiful Mind”, starring Russell Crowe as mathematician John Nash. So, now that you know a bit more about this amazing artist, here are ten of the best Charlotte Church songs of all time.

1. “Dream A Dream” is a Very Sexy 2000 Pop Song

This very grown-up Charlotte Church song shows off her incredible versatility but also her physical attributes. Not only does she cross over from classical to pop music but she does it in true Diva style. She shows the world that she’s no longer just a cute little classical singer of religious songs but a sensual woman in all ways.

2. 2005’s “Call My Name” Shows Off Some Charlotte Church Dance Moves

This is a rhythmic and trendy song from Charlotte’s fifth studio album, which was entitled “Tissues & Issues”. It was the second single on the album that was released on September 26, 2005. According to Wikipedia, she co-wrote it with Eg White and Wayne Hector. The album was produced by Eg White and Fitzgerald Scott. On this song, Charlotte shows off some pretty amazing dancing that most people didn’t know she even had in her!

3. Charlotte Church’s 1998 Rendition of “Ave Maria” Could Make a Grown Man Cry

!2-year-old Charlotte recorded her debut studio album entitled “Voice of an Angel” in 1998. It turned out to be a massive hit for Sony Music, selling millions of copies and making her the youngest artist in history to have a #1 album on the British classical crossover charts. The album contained several Christian standards and this was probably the absolute best of all of them. According to, the most famous iteration of Ave Maria was composed by Franz Schubert in the late 1700s.

4. “Crazy Chick” Was Kinda Crazy Funny in 1998

On Charlotte’s fourth album, “Crazy Chick” was the lead single. The album was quite cleverly called “Tissues and Issues”. While this single wasn’t necessarily a commercial success since it only reached #17 in the UK, this particular Charlotte Church song was highly praised by a number of music critics for its catchy melody and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

5. “Enchantment” Really Enchanted Music Lovers Everywhere in 2001

Charlotte’s third album was called “Enchantment” and, of course, the song of the same name was the lead single. It was also quite a departure from her previous work since it had a sound that was much more pop-oriented. After reaching #3 on the charts in the UK, the British Phonographic Industry made it certified silver.

6. “Pie Jesu” Was the Song That Got Charlotte Discovered in 1997

At only 11 years old, this song gave Charlotte her initial start on an amazing musical career. Her rendition of the song went on to become a UK chart-topper. And, singing it over the phone on ITV’s Big, Big Talent Show led to an invitation to perform it at Rupert Murdoch’s 1999 wedding.

7. “Amazing Grace” Was Nothing Short of Amazing in 2001

Charlotte’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” is truly a masterpiece of vocal performance and interpretation. It’s also widely regarded as one of the best versions of this song that has ever been recorded. Why? Well, first for her beautiful voice, second is her sincere and moving interpretation, and third for the simple and understated production value. It’s a song that has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world and is sure to continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.

8. “The Prayer” Was Released in 1999 and Reached #1

Charlotte did this song as a duet with the amazing Josh Groban. It was the lead single on the album called “My Christmas” and became a global hit and reached #1 in numerous countries from the US to the UK. She also sang this song live in Cardiff in a duet with Josh accompanied by the National Orchestra of Wales in 2001. In addition, this particular song won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture as performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. The movie was called “Quest for Camelot” and starred Pierce Brosnan, Gary Oldman, and Jane Seymour.

9. “Voice of an Angel” Was Released in 1998 and Quickly Reached #1

“Voice of an Angel” was not only Charlotte’s debut single but also an instant hit. It reached #1 on the charts in the UK and sold more than a million copies. Everyone was praising this song for both her amazingly powerful vocals and her interpretation of the material itself being so mature for her young age.

10. “Papa Can You Hear Me?” From 2001 Tugs At Our Heartstrings

Charlotte’s version of this song is so exceptionally good because it’s so personal. When she recorded it, she was only 12 and had recently lost her grandfather. This personal experience gave her a deeper understanding of the message in the song, and it shows in every nuance of her performance. It’s a powerful and moving song that has really touched the hearts of millions. It also celebrates the love between a parent and a child, and it’s a clear reminder that even in the darkest of times, there’s always hope.

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