10 Awesome Songs about Dragons


There are so many myths and tales about dragons. While some people have associated dragons with a bad omen, others have portrayed dragons as ferocious creatures. There is a belief that dragons can breathe fire; they can fly and destroy anything that comes their way. According to Britannica, some cultures view these creatures as evil, while others believe that dragons are benevolent. However, different people perceive dragons; the fact remains that dragons are among the most popular beings in fiction. As such, there is an endless list of songs inspired by these creatures. In this piece, we look at some awesome songs about dragons.

10. Dragons Awake! – Guided by Voices

Kicking off our list is Dragons Awake, a song done by Guided by Voice. This song is part of the ‘Do the Collapse’ album and was released in 1999. As the title says, the song talks about a group of dragons whose sleep is disrupted. As a result, they start wreaking havoc in the world. Currently, the song has garnered more than 15k YouTube views which shows that it is still a popular song at the present age.

9. The Dragon of Judah – Canibus

This is another song about dragons which Canibus did. He released the song in 2010 as part of his ‘Melatonin Magik album. Listeners argue that this song leans more towards the spiritual side. It refers to the Dragon mentioned in the Holy Book of Revelation. There are other hip-hop songs by Canibus, as he has been in the industry since the 1990s. He has done many albums apart from collaborating with other artists in the past years.

8. Dragon Queen – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

You must be wondering about the owners of the ‘Dragon Queen song, right? Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the name of the band behind the song Dragon Queen. This song describes the Dragon queen as an aggressive and hot woman. However, this woman is always lonely and misunderstood. This song is released in 2009 and belongs to the ‘It’s Blitz!’ album. The song is already on all the main platforms that exist out here.

7. Dance with the Dragon – Jefferson Starship

Next on this list is Dragon with the Dragon song, which talks about a woman falling in love with a dragon. She knows that doing so is wrong, but she cannot help herself. All she wants is to dance with the Dragon to feel his power. This song by Jefferson Starship was released in 1976 and featured in the ‘Spitfire’ album.

6. Dragon – Tori Amos

This is another song about dragons by Tori Amos. It is a ballad that compares a relation to dragons. In this song, the woman’s lover is described as having the best kissing skills, like a beast. This one is an intense and passionate song, but it leaves the listeners wondering whether the woman stays or leaves with time. The song made its debut in 2007 after being featured in Tori Amos’s American Doll Posse album.

5. Heart of a Dragon – DragonForce

Heart of a Dragon is a song by a powerful metal band called DragonForce. This song is fast-paced and adrenaline-triggering, which will keep your heart racing. The song gives a narrative of a brave warrior who plans to kill a dragon. If you are feeling low and as if the task ahead of you is so daunting, this song will be a good motivation. The song featured in the ‘Valley of the Damned’ album was released in 2003.

4. Puff the Magic Dragon – Paul, Peter, and Mary

This one is more lighthearted than the other songs on this list. According to Songfacts, the song was rumored to be about drugs, marijuana in particular. However, the band came out to explain that this song was about losing childhood innocence. The song narrates a boy and a dragon friend. The song is a classic that has been there for over a decade. Its composition and melody are a sure way to paint a smile on your face. Despite being released long ago, 1963, this song is still thriving to date by both adults and kids. Children who love dragons will enjoy listening to this tune.

3. Dragon Attack – Queen

This is a song by a British rock band dubbed Queen. It was originally written by the band’s lead guitarist, Brian May. It later made its debut in 1980 after being featured in the band’s album, The Game. The storyline of the song is about a dragon that attacks a village. For all those days, the song has remained relevant, where it has garnered almost one million views on YouTube. It is also available for streaming on every existing music platform.

2. Where Dragons Dwell – Gojira

This is another song about dragons by Gojira, a French metal band. The song comes from the band’s 2005 album, From Mars to Sirius. You can tell from the views on YouTube that this is a crushingly mighty track. The song narrates about humans destroying the planet and how that affects the creatures living there. This track has more than 1 million YouTube views, making it among the most popular songs about dragons.

1. Dragon – Miriam Bryant

To summarize, our list of songs about dragons is this ballad from Miriam Bryant. According to Houseofwizards, it is a beautiful and haunting song that narrates a relationship that is about to end. The song’s lyrics are so metamorphic. They compare the relationship to an angry dragon. It describes the Dragon as a creature breathing fire, ready to destroy everything. The song featured in Miriam’s album, ‘I Am Dragon, ‘ was released in 2014. You can stream this song on popular music platforms, including YouTube.


If you love dragons, above is a list of songs about dragons. From the list, there is a representation of different music genres. Lovers of metal, hip-hop, and pop music will find something to enjoy listening to about dragons. These songs are on known music platforms. It is, therefore, easy to listen to the lyrics and enjoy.

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