10 Awesome Songs about Living

Life is full of ups and downs, which causes us to be sometimes happy or sad. Due to how unpredictable life can be, it is challenging to know exactly how to live our lives. Thankfully, there are songs about living that can help you deal with whatever situations come your way. If you listen to the songs, you may develop new perspectives about life and accept it as it is. What are these songs, you may ask? Here are ten awesome songs about living you can include in your playlist.

10. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey (1981)

This uplifting song reminds the listener to remain positive in the face of the challenges life throws at us. Some people have dreams they would like to achieve but assume they will never achieve them. For instance, a person wishing to be a millionaire may assume their desire is a pipe dream. However, such a person can achieve that dream by believing in themselves and then working towards realizing that goal.

9. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M. (1992)

R.E.M. wrote this song when teenage suicide rates were at an all-time high in the United States. The band wanted to remind teenagers that everyone else suffers from the same problems they have. Since their problems are not unique, they do not need to end their lives. When this song was released, it instantly became a hit. According to Far Out Magazine, it peaked at number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100. Due to the song’s message, several Suicide organizations use this song in their advertisements to remind troubled teenagers that there is light at the end of every tunnel.

8. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor (1978)

This song reassures the listener that things will be alright once they move on from a bad relationship. Although this song is commonly viewed from the lens of a romantic relationship, there is another reason why this song was written. According to Smooth Radio, the song was written by Dino Fekaris to address his firing from Motown Records where he worked as a staff writer. He wrote this song to remind himself that he would make it. Whichever way you interpret this song, the central message is about moving on after a bad experience.

7. Live Your Life – T.I Ft Rihanna (2008)

One of the things that hinder people from prospering in life is listening to naysayers. They will convince you that it is impossible to achieve your dreams, so that you get discouraged. The song provides an answer to dealing with them: ignoring them until they fade away. Once they realize they cannot discourage you, they will stop bothering you. It will even be more cathartic when your naysayers realize that you achieved what they said you wouldn’t.

6. Stronger – Kanye West (2007)

The song references a quote from a German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” The philosopher suggested that you should see suffering as an opportunity to build strength. In this song, Kanye talks about his struggle to overcome adversity. He suggests that one way of overcoming hardships is by living life to the fullest. Therefore, you should not let hardships kill your spirit.

5. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson (1988)

Are you tired of all the bad things that happen in the world today? Michael suggests that you be the one to make the change. It is quite common for people to complain about the sad state of the world, yet they can play a role in changing things. The singer opines that you will feel great once you begin to advocate for change.

4. I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash (1972)

The song reassures the listener that good things will eventually happen in your life, even when things seem tough. He uses an analogy of dark clouds and the sun to represent hard times and easy times, respectively. When it is cloudy, you shouldn’t presume it will remain that way forever. Eventually, the dark clouds will disappear and the sun will shine at some point. The takeaway from this song is that problems are temporary.

3. Fight Song – Rachel Platten (2015)

Here is another song that tells you how to overcome hatred from your detractors. In the pre-chorus, the singer claims that she has been holding herself back from saying some things. She later realizes how her silence is eating her, and she decides to face her critics and give them a piece of her mind. Rachel reminds her critics that she does not need people’s approval to get some confidence. If she wants to achieve her goal, she can do it without expecting anyone’s validation.

2. Forever Young – Jay Z Ft Mr. Hudson (2009)

Jay Z expresses his fear of growing old. He knows at old age, you will not be able to do some of the things you could do when you were young. For instance, when you are a senior citizen, going to the club would be unusual at that age. As a result, he wants to remain young so that he can have time to do the activities he pleases. This song reminds us to live our lives to the fullest in our youth, since at old age, you may be physically unable to do certain activities or lack the time for the activities.

1. Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj Ft Drake (2010)

This song is about living life to the fullest. Some people spend time worrying about what will happen in the future, while others allow the past to stop them from enjoying life now. She is therefore urging her singers to live in the moment.


If you have been struggling with life, these ten songs will remind you just how to go about it. The prevalent theme in these songs is not worrying about the challenges that occur in our lives. When facing a challenge, you should be relaxed and fight on. If you are ever faced with any difficulty and end up worrying, play these songs over and over until their message is etched in your mind.

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