The 10 Best Jessica Simpson Songs of All-Time

Jessica SImpson

Jessica Simpson, an American singer, is likely one of your favorite musicians to listen to if you enjoy pop, dance-pop, R&B, and country music. Jessica Simpson began her musical career as a child, singing in church choirs since it was something she enjoyed. Simpson finally signed with Columbia Records at the age of 17 years old.

Sweet Kisses, her debut studio album, was published in 1999 and sold two million copies in the United States, with the single “I Wanna Love You Forever” becoming a huge success. Simpson’s second studio album, Irresistible, was released in 2001, and it had a more mature image for the singer. Her second song to reach the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart was the album’s title tune. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), awarded the album gold certification.

Simpson’s third studio album, In This Skin, released in 2003, and sold three million copies in the United States. In 2005, Simpson started The Jessica Simpson Collection, a fashion line of clothing and accessories, in addition to her musical endeavors. The company has since amassed a fortune of more than $1 billion. Jessica Simpson participated in the romantic comedy flick “Employee of the Month” and released her fifth studio album, A Public Affair, in 2006. Simpson shifted into the country music genre with the release of her sixth studio album, Do You Know, which was released in 2008. Here are the top ten Jessica Simpson songs of all time.

10. With You

“With You” is the tenth song on our list of Jessica Simpson’s top ten songs. This track is the second single from Simpson’s album, In This Skin. “With You,” was released on November 3, 2003 by Columbia Records. The song’s sound is similar to that of bubble gum pop. The song was written by Simpson and produced by Billy Mann and Andy Marvel. The track was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and was featured in the reality show Newlyweds.

9. Forever In Your Eyes

The next song on our top 10 Jessica Simpson Songs list is “Forever In Your Eyes,” from Jessica Simpson’s 2001 album, Irresistible. Nick Lachey composed this song for Jessica Simpson while they were still dating. The song has a Latin and pop vibe to it, with R&B and Latin music influences. This ballad tells a story of a loving couple who spend the entire night together. The music is reminiscent of 98 Degrees’ “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” Despite being one of her signature songs, “Forever In Your Eyes” seems to be so underrated. The song is worth checking out and should have been a bigger hit than it was.

8. These Boots Were Made For Walking

“These Boots Were Made For Walking” is one of Jessica Simpson’s successful songs, written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra. The song’s beat is a mix of country, pop, and dance music. This awesome track hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and the UK Singles Chart on January 22, 1966. Many covers of the song have since been released in a variety of forms, including metal, pop, rock, punk rock, country, dance, and industrial.

7. Irresistible

The number seven song on our list is “Irresistible”. This song was released as the lead single from Jessica Simpson’s second studio album of the same name in 2001 by Sony Music. It’s got a dance, R&B, and pop vibe to it. In this racy song, Jessica Simpson attempts to escape her good girl reputation. She aspired to be more sultry like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. “Irresistible” had a mixed reception from critics and although a few people commended the song’s concept and production, the majority of people condemned Simpson’s vocal technique, the song’s sexual content, and the overuse of digital sound boosters. The song peaked at number sixty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 and fifty on the Australian year-end charts.

6. A Public Affair

On June 29, 2006, Epic Records released “A Public Affair” as the first single from Simpson’s fourth studio album. The tempo of this freewheeling piece is a mix of pop and disco. The synth-pop music samples Diana Ross’s composition “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and interpolates Madonna’s “Holiday” into the mix. The upbeat tune is about having a good time with your pals. placed the song 51st among the Top 100 Pop Songs of 2006.

5. Where You Are

After the success of Jessica Simpson’s debut single, “I Wanna Love You Forever,” this single was published. It’s a little difficult to find songs that express love quite as this song does.The touching ballad is about a love-struck pair. The song is notable for being Simpson’s first professional recording collaboration with Lachey. The song charted at number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Simpson’s third appearance on the list.

4. Sweetest Sin

Coming in at number four is a song that talks about what couples would call the sweetest sin . The catchy song has some R&B influence and is one of my personal favorite Jessica Simpson songs. The song has an incredible video that features Jessica Simpson swaying on a beach while having some quality time with Nick Lachey.

3. Take My Breath Away

This catchy tune comes from the album In This Skin.This song inspired Jessica Simpson to talk about her romance with Nick Lachey and therefore wanted to cover it.The song is sped up more in Jessica Simpson’s rendition than in Berlin’s. Jessica Simpson also performs vocal gymnastics not seen in the original version of the song.

2. There You Are

Coming in at number two is a song that you will listen to and fall in love with. The song “There You Are” is contained in the album, Irresistible and this song is a follow-up to her previous single, “Where You Are.” This song is well-known for being an ideal wedding song. You’ll be hypnotized by the music till it’s finished. The song features back up vocals from Marc Anthony who compliments Jessica Simpson’s vocals well.

1. I Wanna Love You Forever

Coming in at number one is the track, “I Wanna Love You Forever,” which was released by Columbia Records as the lead single from Simpson’s debut studio album, Sweet Kisses, on August 30, 1999. This song is Jessica Simpson’s hallmark song. It’s also one of her most well-known songs. This music is enthralling and breathtaking. The song was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA) after reaching number three on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Simpson’s first and only top ten record to date.

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