Ranking All the Songs from the Coyote Ugly Soundtrack

Leann Rimes

‘Coyote Ugly’ is a 2000 musical comedy-drama film that is based on the Coyote Ugly Saloon bar franchise. The film was written by Gina Wendkos, directed by David McNally, and starred Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, John Goodman, Melanie Lynskey, Maria Bello, Bridget Moynahan, Tyra Banks, and Izabella Miko. Although critics panned the film, it grossed $113 million at the worldwide box office and grew a cult following. One of the highlights of the film is its music, which is not only used as backing tracks but also plays an integral role in the movie’s storyline. Here are all the songs from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.

12. We Can Get There (TP2K Hot Radio Mix), Mary Griffin


Mary Griffin is a singer and songwriter who has worked on music for many movies, including recording ‘We Can Get There (TP2K Hot Radio Mix) for ‘Coyote Ugly.’ Some of the other films for which she has recorded music are ‘’Conspiracy Theory,’ ‘Ballistic X vs Server,’ and ‘Driven.’ She has also collaborated with many other artists throughout her career, and has toured the world performing live.

11. Didn’t We Love, Tamara Walker


Tamara Walker is a former singer and songwriter whose career lasted from1999 from 2012. At the beginning of her career, she recorded country music but later switched to the Pop AC market. ‘Didn’t We Love’ is not the only Tamara Walker song to feature in a film, as she also recorded the title song for the 2001 Jennifer Lopez film ‘Angel Eyes’.

10. Boom Boom Boom, Rare Blend


‘Boom Boom Boom’ is a song recorded by the band Rare Blend in 2000. Paul Pelcer Christopher, Ray Vega, and Robert Vega wrote the song. Rare Blend was a jazz-rock group from Cleveland that was formed in 1995, says Prog Archives.

9. The Power, Snap!


Snap! is a German Eurodance group, and the lead single from their debut studio album, ‘World Power,’ was ‘Power.’ The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was released in 1990. It was written by Benito Benites, Toni C, and John ‘Virgo’ Garrett III.

8. All She Wants to Do Is Dance, Don Henley


‘All She Wants to Do Is Dance’ is a single written by Danny Kortchmar and recorded by Dan Henley in 1985. Henley was the co-lead vocalist and drummer for the Eagles before embarking on his solo career. This song featured on his second solo studio album ‘Building the Perfect Beast.’ It has a political theme relating to the Contra War, which involved US intervention in South America.

7. Need You Tonight, INXS


Australian rock band INXS’ signature song is ‘Need You Tonight.’ It was the first single from their 1987 album ‘Kick.’ The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart. Many artists have covered the song, including Kylie Minogue, Professor Green, and the Rogue Traders.

6. Unbelievable, EMF


British band EMF wrote and recorded ‘Unbelievable’ in 1990 for their debut album ‘Schubert Dip.’ It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number three on the charts in the UK. ‘Unbelievable’ remains the best-known song by EMF.

5. Please Remember, LeAnn Rimes


‘Please Remember’ is the only one of four songs recorded by LeAnn Rimes for ‘Coyote Ugly’ that she did not release as a single. Fandom says that Grammy Award-winning songwriter Diane Warren wrote the song.

4. The Devil Went Down to Georgia, The Charles Daniels Band


One of the most famous and memorable scenes from ‘Coyote Ugly’ is the Coyotes getting up on the bar and dancing to ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.’ It is a song by the Charles Daniels Band, which they recorded in 1979 for their album ‘Million Mile Reflections.’ The bluegrass song is notable for its fiddle sections.

3. But I Do Love You, LeAnn Rimes


In total, LeAnn Rimes recorded four songs for the soundtrack of ‘Coyote Ugly,’ and she released three of them as singles They included ‘But I Do Love You,’ which was written by Diane Warren for LeAnn Rimes. In addition to appearing on the film’s soundtrack album, the song also featured on Rimes’ 2002 compilation album ‘I Need You.’ The song reached number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number 20 in the UK.

2. The Right Kind of Wrong, LeAnn Rimes


‘The Right Kind of Wrong’ is another of the songs from the soundtrack that LeAnn Rimes released as a single. It is a country-pop song that was written by Diane Warren. The song also features on Rimes’ 2004 greatest hits album ‘The Best of LeAnn Rimes.’ This track features string arrangements by David Campbell, as do ‘But I Do Love You’ and ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight.

1. Can’t Find the Moonlight, LeAnn Rimes


The best-known song from the ‘Coyote Ugly’ soundtrack is ‘Can’t Find the moonlight,’ which is performed by LeAnn Rimes. It is a song that features at several points during the movie, as it plays a part in the storyline because it is the song the lead character, Violet Sanders, is writing in her attempts to break into songwriting. Although Violet sings the song in some parts of the movie, there are times when LeAnn Rimes’ voice is used. In the closing scene of the movie, LeAnn Rimes appears in the Coyote Ugly bar to duet with Violet, and they perform together on the tables. Only Rimes’ voice is heard on the soundtrack.

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