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SLIPKNOT’s Drummer Jay Weinberg is Better Than His Father Who is Max Weinberg

SLIPKNOT‘s drummer father Max Weinberg said his son was better than him. He also spoke about the career of himself and his son.

Recently, SLIPKNOT drummer Jay Weinberg interview with Vater Drumsticks. We shared this news with you, click here. Today we are sharing Jay Weinberg‘s father Max Weinberg’s interview about his son.

Max Weinberg is a Bruce Springsteen’s E STREET BAND drummer born in 1951. He also took part in Conan O’Brien’s shows. Max Weinberg, one of the legends of the rock world, recently interviewed Vater Drumsticks and said that his son was a better drummer than himself.

Saying that they have a good relationship with his son Jay Weinberg, Max said that they mostly do not argue, that even if they do, he will never beat his son; “I don’t think I’ve ever won an argument – although we don’t argue – Jay’s mind is so analytical, he presents you with data points.”

Max Weinberg, telling a memoir about the song ‘Back in My Arms’ recorded in 1995, told Jay (SLIPKNOT member) that he had recorded the song and that he should embrace it.

Jay played this track in front of 60,000 people, and years later Bruce admitted that it was his best performance of that night’s ‘Back in My Arms’ performance. But Bruce didn’t even know he was Jay Weinberg.

“So he played it, and this song’s got a lot of dynamics and a lot of accents, and you got to really pay attention.

“So, a couple of years later, we’re on tour, we played the song, we were going to the next job, we’re all sort of hanging out, we played it that night and Bruce was saying ‘You know what you did that night?’ And he goes, ‘That’s the best we ever played that. I think it was Stockholm in 2009…’ And I said, ‘That wasn’t me on the drums that night. It was Jay playing it.”

Bruce Springsteen was shocked to find out about this and amusedly stated that Jay was a better drummer than his father.

“And he looked and he goes, ‘Oh, it was Jay? Oh, mighty one, he kicked your ass!’

Being compared to his son, who is now SLIPKNOT member, actually, it’s so annoying. But he said, he was happy to hear it from Bruce. This comparison made him happy, he explained that moment with these words;  “You want that as a father. As a drummer, it’s a little bittersweet, but as a father, there’s nothing better than your child doing something that you do better.

You can listen to the ‘Back in My Arms’ below.

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