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SLIPKNOT Drummer Says He Never Took A Drum Lesson

SLIPKNOT drummer Jay Weinberg is only 30 years old and is already among the best drummers. Also, taking no drum lessons.
Jay Weinberg‘s interview with Vater Drumsticks raised that classic question again. Is it talent or is it work? Actually, the answer is to work with love alongside your talent.

Why Jay Weinberg Never Took a Drum Lesson?

He said in the interview that he never took a drum lesson in his life. Also, SLIPKNOT‘s drummer Jay Weinberg added; “I wanted to find out what I really loved about the drums for myself ’cause I had some guitar teachers that made it feel like I was going to school, and I didn’t want to go to school after school.”

He is not one of those who think that a rigorous education will form his music career. According to him, music requires passion and pleasure, not sitting at a table and waiting for the teacher. At least that was the guitar lessons he took. And his guitar training had taken him away from the guitar.

Weinberg’s relationship with music and rock, who was a member of the SLIPKNOT band in 2014, is not new.

Jay Weinberg talked about how drumming really brings out passion, and how he improved himself by watching his father (Max Weinberg)’s band; “The real learning was seeing, to me, the worst band in the land, the real tenacious E STREET BAND, watching them do what they did for four hours a night.”

He believes that you can improve yourself by watching someone. He also talked about how it felt to join a big band like SLIPKNOT as a young drummer; “I knew the band inside and out, knew the songs like the back of my hand, knew the vision of the band and the direction that the band was going.”

You can listen to SLIPKNOT‘s latest album “We Are Not Your Kind” here.

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