AC/DC’s Brian Johnson: “It was probably the most magical time of my life”

Brian Johnson talked and revealed how they recorded AC/DC‘s latest ‘Power Up’ album. He also said how he feels about hearing loss that nearly finish his music career.

After six years later AC/DC‘s last ‘Power Up‘ album out on November 13th, 2020. This is their 17th album and the follow-up ‘Rock or Bust‘ album in who also released in 2014. And because Brian Johnson‘s heavy hearing issues forced him off the tour. That also results in Guns N’ Roses vocalist Axl Rose being joined the AC/DC finish their tour.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s ‘Howard Stern Show‘, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson answered some questions like, “You get into AC/DC. You get into the studio. How did you take to record?” and he replied: (transcribed by

“Six weeks,” and continued “Six weeks for the entire album. It was probably the most magical time of my life. I knew something was happening, but it was happening so quickly. I couldn’t grasp it.

Howard Stern asked, “Could you grasp at this was going to be a huge album?” and Johnson replied:

“Absolutely not. I just know one thing the first song I had to write was ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’. And I remember sitting there in on me. This is what Me Passion with cars comes in. The first line. I wrote she was a fast machine. She kept them water cleans. He was the best damn woman and me when I’m writing I would. Cause again right and I give it a male next morning’s gonna.

Yeah! Are you writing about Cass knocks it out of the women in the cart? And again, he’s an anti-semite. It sounds great ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ was the first song I wrote. And I said quite cockily the next day after I’d heard it. The first rough makes and I were sitting with because we just. I had a little cassette player in this little house where had. And then the next morning a mild put it on again. He said I can have a listen to this again mine of a sudden. I just when Tina I think that’s a good the best rock.

And roll song I’ve ever heard my life whenever I said I’m telling you I feel a little crazy saying that because you know, that was the new boy. And I said could be right might. ”

You can listen to this interview below!

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