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Jessica Simpson

Actress, author, fashion designer, and singer are the trades Jessica Simpson is best known for by the fans who’ve followed her ever since she first appeared in the spotlight in 1997. Prior to this, she was originally known as Jessica Johnson, a Texan girl who sang at her local church choir ever since she was a small child. Her father was a Baptist youth minister. When she was twelve years old, she auditioned to be part of the new Mickey Mouse Club, which began again in 1993. However, she became too nervous when the final audition came around after watching the performances of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and wound up not being cast for the show like they were. She returned to singing for the church choir until she was discovered by a Christian music label that asked her to audition. Through Proclaim Records, she recorded a debut album and began touring. Her father became her manager while her mother, who was divorced from him, became her personal stylist. To this day, that album has never been released.

Jessica Simpson Discography

In 1998, Simpson was signed with Columbia and this served as the starting point that would launch her into stardom. While it was an era that saw her rivals, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera promote themselves in a rather promiscuous manner, Simpson’s singing career began as a contrast that as she went with the advisement of her record label. This proved to be a good move for her as it paved the way for a total of seven studio albums, four compilation albums, three music videos, and nineteen singles. In addition to her success as a singing artist, Simpson has also enjoyed a successful acting career, as well as a number of business ventures she has become involved in.

7. Happy Christmas


Released on November 22, 2010, (Happy Christmas) was Jessica Simpson’s seventh and final studio album she has released so far. It received positive reviews from the music critics, such as AllMusic. Among all the albums she has produced, it has seen the least amount of commercial success. While the majority of the songs featured on the album are covered classics, (My Only Wish) was a Jessica Simpson original. Although released as a single, it did not make an impression on any of the music charts.

6. Do You Know


Jessica Simpson’s sixth studio album, (Do You Know), was released on September 9, 2008. Unlike her previous five studio albums, this was the first that would not earn any music industry certifications. Overall, it received mixed reviews from the critics, as well as the fans. Within the first week, Do You Know did chart as the fourth best-selling album on the US Billboard 200 after selling 65,000 copies, but its popularity dropped sharply after that. Recorded as a country album, which was a first for Simpson, it did peak at number one on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. She had two singles from that album that did realize chart success, namely (Come On Over) and (Remember That). Come On Over peaked as high as number eighteen on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and Remember That reached number forty-two. On the US Billboard Hot 100, the first of her two singles charted at number sixty-five while the second didn’t appear on it at all.

5. ReJoyce: The Christmas Album


(ReJoyce: The Christmas Album) was the first of two Christmas-themed recordings Jessica Simpson produced as a singer, which was released on November 23, 2004. It earned generally positive reviews, as well as gold certification by the RIAA. On the US Billboard 200 albums chart, it debuted at number fourteen. There were two singles that came from ReJoyce that appeared on the music charts. The first, (Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow), charted at number twenty on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. The second single, (What Christmas Means to Me), peaked at number eight on the exact same chart.

4. A Public Affair

Released on August 26, 2006, (A Public Affair) became Jessica Simpson’s fifth studio album. It was the fifth best-selling album within the first week of its release according to the US Billboard 200, after selling 101,000 copies. Since then, it has become certified gold by the RIAA for selling over 500,000 copies across America and platinum by Music Canada for selling over 100,000 copies in that nation. The lead track from the album, (A Public Affair), peaked as high as number fourteen on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became certified gold by the RIAA. The second single released, (I Belong to Me), was not quite as successful, but it did appear at number ten on the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.

3. Irresistible


Jessica Simpson’s second studio album, (Irresistible), was released on May 25, 2001, and earned itself mixed reviews by the music critics. However, it did earn the Pop Music Award in 2003 by the UK’s BMI Awards, and it became certified gold by the RIAA, Music Canada, and the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). The lead single, (Irresistible), was a chart success on the music billboards, peaking as high as number eleven on the UK Singles Chart and at number fifteen on the US Billboard Hot 100. The single earned a gold certification from the Australia Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and from Sweden’s International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

2. Sweet Kisses


(Sweet Kisses) was the first of Jessica Simpson’s studio albums to be released, which was done so through Columbia Records on November 23, 1999. Although technically it isn’t really Simpson’s first studio album recording, it is the first that was officially released to the public. It was also a very successful release as its commercial success saw the album become certified platinum twice with the RIAA. Sweet Kisses was also certified platinum by Music Canada and certified gold by Norway’s IFPI, as well as Japan’s RIAJ. Simpson’s debut single, (I Wanna Love You Forever), peaked as high as number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was also a top ten hit among most of the nations worldwide. It also earned certifications of its own, namely platinum with ARIA and RIAA, and gold with Sweden’s IFPI and with the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA). Her second single, (Where You Are) was a duet she performed with her now ex-husband, Nich Lachey, but it didn’t share the same level of chart success, appearing only at number sixty-two on the US Billboard Hot 100. As for the third single, (I Think I’m in Love with You), it charted with more success as globally it peaked within the top forty among many of the charts belonging to different nations. As for its performance on the US Billboard Hot 100, the single climbed as high as number twenty-one. It also earned a gold certification from ARIA and the Recorded Music of New Zealand (RMNZ).

1. In This Skin


Released on August 19, 2003, (In This Skin) was Jessica Simpson’s third studio album. As far as the US is concerned, this is her best album to date as the RIAA certified it platinum three times over. It also became platinum by ARIA, and gold with Music Canada. On the US Billboard 200, it was the second best-selling album after it was re-issued at a time period where Simpson’s name was becoming immensely popular due to the amount of media attention she was receiving while starring in her own reality television series, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. There were four singles released from the album, starting with (Sweetest Sin), which failed to chart, then (With You), which peaked as high as number fourteen on the US Billboard Hot 100. It also became a globally successful single, reaching as high as number four on Australia’s ARIA chart and at number seven on the UK Singles Chart. The third single, (Take My Breath Away), charted at number twenty on the US Billboard and at number fifteen on Australia’s ARIA chart. Both of these successful singles became certified gold by the RIAA. With You was certified platinum by ARIA and Take My Breath Away was certified gold. The fourth single, (Angels), only appeared on Australia’s ARIA chart, which peaked at number twenty-seven. For an album that wasn’t well-received by the music critics, the fans demonstrated their voices mattered the most, which saw In This Skin the most commercially successful album to Jessica Simpson’s credit.

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