Serj Tankian’s “Hayastane” song inspired lyrics by Armenian minister

Serj Tankian frontman from System of a Down shares the ‘Hayastane’ song. He also inspired lyrics by Armenian prime minister Hayastan.

He already works with a lot of people in Armenia. Now he also with this track which features lyrics by Armenian prime minister Nikol Pashinyan. This song project will be donated to the public health, educational, cultural, social and environmental programs for My Step Foundation. However, the song is dedicated to Armenia and the past, present, and future of the Armenian nation peoples.

Serj Tankian shares a statement about this track:

“During these challenging times of pandemic and lockdown, we wanted to give the people of Armenia a present of hope that they themselves can share with the world.”

Then added:

“My Step Foundation is an amazing charity that is spearheading many meaningful initiatives within Armenia focusing on public health, education, culture, social welfare, environment along with other sectors in need, including the current crisis surrounding COVID-19.

Their current COVID-19 response for Armenian citizens. That includes support to elderly groups, the disabled, and other vulnerable populations in the country. In the form of care packages, nutrition, and hygiene products. The purchasing of vital medical supplies (masks, gloves, insulators, and other personal protective equipment) for medical and other first response teams within Armenia. And the purchasing and distribution of computers and tablets. While they helping to provide education for students in need within vulnerable families in regions of severe distress.”

Also, for this Pashinyan thanks to System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian for writing a song based lyrics on his poem. You can listen to ‘Hayastane‘ below.

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