The 10 Best Audioslave Songs of All-Time


Audioslave was formed in 2001 and actually performed all the way through 2007, briefly getting back together in 2017. During that time, the band produced three studio albums and a number of songs that were ultimately considered important hits. Of course, fans of the band also have their favorite songs for various reasons. Perhaps you are someone who used to listen to the band on a regular basis and you’re now ready to reconnect with some of their music.

On the other hand, you might only be hearing about this band for the first time and you want to know what their music is all about. Below are 10 of the songs that are often considered their best, ranked from number 10 to number one. Each one has a YouTube link so if you’re so inclined, go ahead and check out their music for yourself and see what you think.

10. What You Are (2002)

It seems like an overwhelming number of songs, regardless of genre, are about either finding or losing love. This one is no exception. The lyrics talk about an individual who essentially transforms himself almost as if he were a chameleon in order to try and give his significant other everything that they want. Unfortunately, no matter what he does, it doesn’t seem to be enough and he eventually starts to ask himself what kind of person would demand such things from another human being in the first place.

9. Gasoline (2002)

This is a song that talks about a number of different things, depending on your perspective at the time you listen to it. On one hand, it seems to hint about someone’s overwhelming desire to achieve great things and the fuel that they use to achieve those things. On the other hand, other people might take it as an analogy for becoming so focused on something that you allow everything else to pass you by, essentially burning everything important to you to the ground without even realizing that you’re doing it. In short, it refers to the ability to take the things that are important to a person and use those things either as a positive catalyst or something that can completely destroy someone, depending on whether or not people allow it to control them.

8. Doesn’t Remind Me (2005)

This is probably one of the saddest songs the band ever recorded. The lyrics discuss going to a place that is completely foreign in order to do things that have never been done, all in an attempt to do something that doesn’t remind the individual in the song of the person that they’ve lost. It speaks volumes to those who have ever been through losing someone that is so close to them that literally everything around them reminds them of that particular individual. The person in the song is trying to get away from that because it hurts too much to deal with, yet it’s impossible to get away from it because everywhere they look, there is another reminder of their previous life together.

7. I Am the Highway (2002)

If you like songs that take an inanimate object and then essentially give it life in order to compare it to someone’s personal experiences, then you’ll probably like this one. If you imagine all of the different things that a highway would see if it were capable of seeing, you might be surprised, even brought to your knees. The song explores being witness to seeing countless numbers of things, both wonderful and tragic, yet not necessarily having a voice about any of the things that have been witnessed.

6. Show Me How to Live (2002)

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you felt like you just didn’t know what to do anymore because your life was such a mess that you had no idea how to move forward, then you will be able to identify with this song. In fact, it might even hit a bit too close to home. The lyrics talk about feeling lost and looking to someone else in order to figure it all out. The person in the song is asking the other individual to show them how to live because they don’t feel like they’re capable of learning how to do it themselves anymore.

5. Your Time Has Come (2005)

If you’re in the mood for a depressing song, this one will definitely get the job done. The lyrics talk about various ways that people have died and whether or not their lives actually meant anything in the grand scheme of things.

4. Shadow on the Sun (2002)

This is another very heavy song. You might not want to listen unless you’re already in a very good mental state of mind. In short, it talks about people that are in various stages of struggle over one thing or another in their lives and how that struggle can sometimes not only define a person, but destroy them. It also talks about the ripple effect this has on everyone else and how these types of situations leave a mark on every person that the individual in question ever came into contact with.

3. Cochise (2002)

Here you have a song about someone who is taking every opportunity that comes their way and making the most of it, all while watching someone close to them throw all of their opportunities away. The lyrics talk about the disparity between the two and the fact that eventually, the individual who is throwing everything away must be left behind in order for the other person to truly come into their own.

2. Be Yourself (2005)

You might think that this is an uplifting song about coming into your own or being comfortable in your own skin. That is definitely not the case. Instead, the song talks about different people in various aspects of their own lives, some good and some not so good. It also talks about how the only thing you can do is be yourself in the moment, regardless of how good or bad that might be.

1. Like a Stone (2002)

This is the song that talks about not being able to share one’s inner demons with anyone else in order to break free of them. Instead, the person in the song talks about allowing old thoughts and feelings to control them, even if they tried to confess them away while they’re all alone in the dark of night. The title comes from having the feeling that one’s soul has become more like a stone than anything else.

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