The 10 Best Ace Hood Songs of All-Time

Ace Hood is an American rapper from Florida. He played football in high school. However, he realized he wouldn’t be turning pro after suffering an injury in Grade 10. Subsequently, Ace Hood pivoted toward a career as a rapper. In 2007, he met DJ Khaled outside a radio station. There, he had the chance to showcase his freestyling skills, thus resulting in him being signed to We the Best Music Group. Ace Hood has been making music ever since.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Ace Hood songs released so far:

10. “Champion”

“Champion” was the second single from Ruthless. It never made it onto the Billboard Hot 100. Still, it made an impression, as shown by its number 58 position on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Given the name, it makes sense that “Champion” is a boast about Ace Hood beating the odds in his quest to make it as a rapper.

9. “We Ball”

“We Ball” is a more recent release from Ace Hood. Specifically, it was on his fifth studio album – Mr. Hood – in 2020. This is one of those songs on the more thoughtful end of things. The name refers to doing what can be done despite being mired in less-than-ideal circumstances. As such, the lyrics go over what is, what was, and what should be. Much of that is personal, which makes sense because the personal cannot be separated from the societal.

8. “Ride”

“Ride” goes back to 2008. In other words, it was one of the two singles from Ace Hood’s debut studio album, Gutta. The song was once called “Ride or Die.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t radio-friendly enough, thus explaining why the name received a bit of a trim. Despite that, the lyrics are thematic because they’re all about commitment. Indeed, the music video reinforced the message by ending with Ace Hood’s girlfriend getting arrested for covering for him. It’s interesting to note that “Ride” was the more successful of the two Gutta singles. There was a 30-position difference between its number 90 spot and its predecessor’s number 120 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

7. “Finding My Way”

“Finding My Way” is another song from 2020. It has a message that’s easy to connect with. After all, everyone has moments or stretches when they’re uncertain about things.

6. “Another Statistic”

Human empathy works in funny ways. It’s well-established that we have an easier time recognizing people for people when we can see their faces and learn more about their stories. Meanwhile, we can struggle to do so when people are reduced to numbers because that masks our shared humanity. As such, “Another Statistic” has one of those names that reveal everything about what interested individuals can expect instantly. It was released in 2013. Sadly, it touches upon topics that remain very relevant.

5. “Top of the World”

“Top of the World” wasn’t one of the two songs chosen to serve as singles for Gutta. However, there can be no doubt about where it came from. After all, it’s another song in which Ace Hood boasts about having made it into the music industry despite his humble beginnings.

4. “Cash Flow”

Speaking of which, “Cash Flow” was the first single from Gutta. As mentioned, it never passed the number 120 position on the Billboard Hot 100. Even so, “Cash Flow” did see some success, as shown by its number 55 position on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. In a real sense, “Cash Flow” is the song that introduced Ace Hood to an enormous proportion of his listeners, meaning it paved the way for what followed.

3. “We On”

“We On” also sees Ace Hood celebrating his success. The critical difference is that he puts more emphasis on his team in the song, thus making for something similar but not the same. Consequently, “We On” is upbeat and surprisingly refreshing.

2. “Hustle Hard”

“Hustle Hard” is one of Ace Hood’s best-received songs. It made its original appearance on a mixtape called The Statement. However, it seems safe to say that Ace Hood and his people saw further potential in the song because they chose it as the first single for his third studio album, Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Numbers-wise, they were right to do so. “Hustle Hard” sold more than 143,000 copies. It was also a Top 10 song on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, which peaked at the number 60 position on the Billboard Hot 100. As such, the song broke new ground for Ace Hood because it soared higher than any of his previous releases. Subject-wise, it is more or less what one would expect based on the name. That doesn’t detract from it. If anything, its choice of subject makes it much more relatable.

1. “Bugatti”

So far, “Bugatti” is the most successful of Ace Hood’s singles by a considerable margin. We know that it has been platinum-certified by the RIAA, meaning it has managed to sell more than a million copies. Most songs can’t even manage a tenth of that number. Due to this, “Bugatti” was an incredible hit by any reasonable standard. Of course, the commercial success was matched by a corresponding performance on the charts. For example, it was another Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs that tied “Hustle Hard” by peaking at number nine. Similarly, the song reached the number 33 position on the Billboard Hot 100, which suggests that it possessed more crossover appeal than the same. Only time can tell whether Ace Hood will release a song capable of beating “Bugatti” when it comes to performance.

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