The 10 Best Angela Alvarez Songs of All Time

It is never too late to chase your dreams, and Angela Alvarez sets the ideal example. Alvarez is 95 and won a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Her love for music began with her father insisting she should learn to play the piano. Alvarez later fell in love with the guitar, but her father forbade her from performing unless it was for family. The singer’s grandson has since fulfilled her wishes to become a musician, and here are the best Angela Alvarez songs available on Spotify and YouTube.

10. En Mi Jardin

This seems to be a love song that could be dedicated to her children. She speaks of a garden of love in which beautiful flowers grow. The song could be an analogy in which Alvarez talks about the love for her husband that resulted in the birth of their children. The singer adds that she is proud of how the flowers grow and how she showers them with kisses. It is a departure from her many songs that portray her love for Cuba.

9. Que Linda Es

It has been sixty years since Alvarez left Cuba in 1962 after the Cuban Revolution which left the Cuban economy grappling. Fidel Castro took the reins of power and Cubans fled to the USA; Alvarez was among them. She was separated from her children for years as they were taken to an orphanage. The singer managed to visit them, all the while hoping for a reunion. Despite all these hardships that Alvarez would not have suffered if only Cuba had been kind to her, she still sang of her longing for her motherland. In this song, she says she is in a strange land and sings on behalf of all Cubans who hoped the country would break free from its chains.

8. Añoranzas

The love Alvarez has for Cuba will never die, and it is evident in her songs. This is still another song in which she declares her love for the island. To Alvarez, the day she returns to her homeland will be the happiest. In this track, she yearns to go back to Cuba because she does not feel like she fits anywhere else. Even if she is no longer physically there, her home is where the heart is. She may have been subjected to communist oppression on the island, but Alvarez will never stop loving her motherland.

7. Pedacito De Cielo

Some places can conjure up beautiful memories. That was the case with Alvarez when she visited Puerto Rico. According to San Diego Union-Tribune, she lived in Puerto Rico and was ecstatic about her experience there because it reminded her of Cuba. The mango and coconut trees brought back memories of her homeland. She, therefore, sings of the breathtaking landscape and prays to return to Cuba one day. In the song, Alvarez says she will never forget Cuba, the land God gave her.

6. Un Nuevo Amanecer

If you have ever been separated from a loved one, this song will speak to your soul. Alvarez sings that she cannot wait for days to fly by to see her lover again. Time seems to drag, yet every minute she is away from him is hell. So, to occupy the hours, she keeps his memory alive by dreaming of the sweet moments. The kisses and caresses are all she thinks about, and the longing for him is so much that she feels like dying from heartache.

5. Camino Sin Rumbo

According to Billboard, Alvarez penned the lyrics to this song in 1978 after losing her husband. It translates to “Aimless Road,” and the singer felt lost when her husband passed away. She was wandering aimlessly without the man who had been with her. The man who had been erasing all her fears and sorrows was gone. Thus, she searched for the peace and comfort she felt with her husband.

4. Mi Gran Amor

The great love Alvarez had for her husband is evident in the way she sings this song. “Mi Gran Amor” translates to “My Great Love” and to the aged singer, no one could ever replace her husband whom she lost to cancer. She sings that he is her joy and light, and when he entered her life, he erased all the sorrows and bitterness. She adds that her husband gave sweet tenderness to her soul, and with him, she was reborn. Alvarez could not care for anything else as long as she had her husband’s love.

3. Quiéreme Mucho

In 1911, Gonzalo Roig composed this song on his piano at the age of 21 and it was the first to ever combine a criolla with a bolero. The lyrics were the creation of Agustin Rodriguez and Ramon Gollury. The song is beloved by many artists who have their versions. One of them is Alvarez’s, which featured in the “Father of The Bride” film as the soundtrack. The track is a declaration of love making it ideal for the 2022 romantic comedy film starring Andy Garcia.

2. Romper El Yugo

Cuba has had a long war history, and with Alvarez being over 95 years old, she has experienced it all. Although she migrated from her homeland, her love for her country remains steadfast. So, it is with great pain that she watched Cubans continue to suffer in the war and aftermath of the unrest. In this song, Alvarez is crying to God to give Cuba freedom because she is tired of the hate. She petitions for calmness and peace of mind through the rebirth of Cuba.

1. Un Canto A Mi Cuba

Jennifer Lopez sang that she was still Jenny from the block because no matter where she went, Lopez would never forget where she came from, and that is essentially the message in this song. Alvarez was born in Cuba but had to choose a better life for her children, whom she sent to the United States. Still, no matter the years that have gone by, the singer cannot forget her homeland.

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