Lamb of God frontman interview about Slayer: “We never will take their place”

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe talks about their new album and the Slayer band. In this interview, he talks about what thinks about the Slayer farewell tour and more.

In last November famous thrash metal band Slayer completed its farewell tour. Now, a lot of thrash metal fans candidate Lamb of God instead of them. A few days ago, Lamb of God’s vocalist Randy Blythe sits down and interview with Frank from Metal Injection. He discusses the band’s latest new album, how it is like working with new drummer Art Cruz and his approach to drumming season. Also, he shares feelings about taking Slayer’s place.

Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe replied this question: “Do you have it down to like an exact science, or is there a challenge every time?”

“I hate making records. I hated making this record, I’ve hated making every single record I’ve ever made. I do not enjoy it. I like touring, I like getting on stage raging and seeing everybody going the fuck off, and that communication, that exchange of energy with the audience. The process of making a record is a necessary evil to me with my band because it’s just not fun, so it’s always a challenge.

“That being said, this was the most relaxed collaborative – I think – thing that we’ve done, ever. I will never say, ‘I had a good time making a record’ – because I didn’t. I go to bed with a headache every night; physically, it hurts. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my ears are ringing, I hear myself singing the same line over and over and over as I go to sleep, it’s like, ‘Repeat, shut up, shut up,’ so it kind of drives me crazy.

“That’s why I can’t be at home when I record. I’m not fit to be around my friends, my family, I have to leave and go immerse myself in that world.”

Then he talks about Slayer:

“I’m not really worried about taking Slayer’s place, because we never will take Slayer’s place. No one will ever take Slayer’s place. There was an entity unto themselves — they helped create this style of music that we descend from. They’re forefathers of ours — but so is Black Sabbath, so is Elvis Presley, so is Robert Johnson, and all the way back to the blues. And I haven’t taken Robert Johnson’s place. I’m not worried about taking Slayer’s place.”

However, Lamb of God is planned to reschedule its 2020 North American tour with Megadeth. You can watch Randy Blythe‘s full interview below.

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