The 10 Best Zapp and Roger Songs of All-Time

Zapp and Roger

Zapp and Roger is an American funk band that was active from 1977 to 1999. This band revolutionized electro-funk in the 1980s by using the talk-box effect and bumping grooves. The band released its debut album, Zapp, in 1980, and it became instantly successful. According to All Music, the album hit the Top 20 on the pop charts. Its success was all thanks to the single from the album, “More Bounce to the Ounce.” After the success of their debut album, the band went on to make more hit songs. The band followed up Zapp with Zapp II in 1982. Zapp II sold well and became certified gold. To understand their successful career, it is time we identified some of their best songs. Here are the ten best Zapp and Roger songs of all time.

10. I Can Make You Dance (1983)

If you grew up playing the video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” you are likely familiar with this song. This song features in the game’s fictional radio station, Bounce FM. In the song, a man wants to dance with a certain woman. However, the man does not offer to dance with her for pleasure. He wants to dance with her to help her forget her problems. Some problems mentioned in the song include high rent and the 9 to 5 job.

9. I Want to Be Your Man (1993)

This song is about a man who wants to express his love to a woman. However, he becomes nervous when he tells the woman how he feels. As a result, he is unable to find the words to communicate his love for her. As a man, you may experience this shyness just like this man. Shyness is normal, but it can cause awkwardness between the parties. Luckily, you can overcome it. According to Seventeen, one way of overcoming it is by practicing what you want to say.

8. Computer Love (1985)

The song is about a man who appreciates the computer as a helpful, innovative tool for finding love. Before the computer, astrology was a popular way to match people. The man acknowledges how effective the computer is, compared to astrology, in finding a partner. Besides astrology going out of style, some people have termed it a pseudoscience. According to ZME Science, it is termed so because it has no scientific backing, no consistency, and no reproducibility.

7. Be Alright (1980)

In this song, a man reassures her that their relationship will work out. In the second verse, he talks her out of leaving. She likely wants to leave because of the hardships they are facing and not because of the man’s character flaws. Though not stated explicitly, we can surmise that they might have money problems. Lack of money is one of the factors that cause relationship problems.

6. Do You Really Want an Answer? (1982)

Sometimes it is important to let go of someone if they exhibit undesirable character traits. However, some people let go of someone who was good to them. That is the case with a particular man in this song. The man acknowledges how lovely she was to him. After letting her go, he instantly regrets it. He begins to look for her. When he cannot find her, he starts asking people about her whereabouts.

5. Coming Home (1980)

This song is about a man who desires forgiveness from his lover. He was guilty of cheating on her with women from all over the world. Understandably, the woman wants nothing to do with him. Although the woman no longer wants him, the man remains relentless. He urges her to take him back. It isn’t clear whether or not she eventually forgives him. Assuming you were the woman, would you forgive the man or not?

4. Slow and Easy (1993)

Here is a song that can melt your hearts, including those with a heart of ice. The song introduces us to a man who comes home early from work for the sake of his wife. He tells her that he has been thinking of ways to please her. Eventually, he expresses his desire to make love to her. The woman seems reluctant, but not for the reasons you may think. She claims that they cannot make love since their children are around. However, the man reminds her that they are asleep. He then urges her to relax and not think of anything else.

3. More Bounce to the Ounce (1980)

This listicle would feel incomplete without this song. After all, it is the reason it furthered the band’s music career. This is a song about dancing, and sometimes you need a song like it. In this song, an unnamed woman is asked to shake her body. Somehow, the song manages to come across as filthy or degrading, unlike some songs today.

2. Heartbreaker (1983)

Occasionally, a man may be warned by others to stay away from a particular woman. Sometimes, the motive may be out of jealousy or genuine care. In this song, people warn a man not to date a certain woman since she always breaks people’s hearts. The man does not heed their words and dates the woman anyway. Soon, the man realizes that the people are right about her. However, he continues to pursue her, despite getting hurt by her.

1. Radio People (1985)

This song is nostalgic since it references a time before YouTube or Spotify emerged. In the song, the man relies on his radio to listen to his music. Besides listening to music, the man listens to it to reduce the loneliness feeling. The song gives you perspectives you may not have thought about radios. After listening to the song, you will find the radio the best way to destress instead of getting intoxicated.

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