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The Melvins Drummer Dale Crover Recalls How TOOL Guitarist Made Him Prank

The Melvins drummer Dale Crover appeared in a podcast of Chuck Shute recently. During their conversation, Crover recalls how his friend TOOL guitarist Adam Jones made a savagery prank on him and what they have gone through back then.

The two groups TOOL and The Melvins have been friends for a very long time. Actually, Buzz Osborne’s wife Mackie was friends with Maynard James Keenan and Danny Carey from Green Jello and that’s how they met first. His friends describe Adam Jones as “one of my dearest friends”, despite his pranks, which now they all consider as look back and laugh moments. And during his conversation with Shute, Crover told one of the wildest pranks of his friend Jones did to them.

Dale Crover told that Adam Jones had made a deal with a Texan cop to plant cocaine and a firearm on the Washington state sludge rock kingpins, and then threaten them going to jail. Crover explains how the Texan law enforcement officers pull them outside Houston. Followingly, one police officer fools them that he found a quantity of marijuana on the ground outside the bus while he was searching the vehicle.

A ruthless and impressive performance of TOOL guitarist Adam Jones

So the police officers ask for surprised musicians’ bags to check. Right after, one of the officers pulls out personal belongings from the bags. And suddenly the police handcuffs Dale Crover.

“He’s like, ‘Look, what we got here’. He pulls out a gun, pulls out a 9mm. ‘You got firearms. That’s a federal offense in Texas here’.” The Melvins drummer says while recalling.

The policeman shows that “the biggest bag of cocaine I’ve ever seen in my life” as Dale Crover describes now, while he was still trying to process what was happening. And of course, the policeman also informed him that he would go to prison. But fortunately, the dumbfounded drummer of Melvins was able to insist at least that he would only speak through a lawyer despite his fear.

What happens after a tense stalemate, the policeman eventually says, “Well, you know, just want to tell you guys, Adam Jones from Tool said, ‘You guys are pranked’.”

At this point of my view, Jones really deserves strong applause with his ruthless but also an impressive performance at pranking.

You can listen to the whole conversation of The Melvins drummer Dale Crover, which also tells more about TOOL guitarist Adam Jones down below.

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