The 10 Best Jameson Rodgers Songs of All Time

Jameson Rodgers

Jameson Rodgers is an American country singer and songwriter. He first found success as a songwriter. According to All Music, Jameson has written hit songs for Florida Georgia Line and Chris Lane. He finally found success as a singer in 2019 when he released his first song, Some Girls. The song was featured on SiriusXM’s The Highway and had over 80 million streams. With the success of his debut hit, people have since paid attention to his songs. You may be wondering whether his songs are any good. As a matter of fact, they are. To prove how good they are, here are the ten best Jameson Rodgers songs of all time.

10. You Won’t (2021)

The song explores how things will not always go as expected. He points out that a person may inform another person that they will visit them. Unfortunately, the person may not turn up. Perhaps the person lied? Or maybe they were in an accident? The singer then talks about events that will happen no matter what. For instance, he talks about the sun rising and setting.

9. Rehab (2016)

Judging by the song’s title, you may think it is about drug addiction, but it isn’t. The song is about a man who is intensely in love with a certain woman. It seems his love for her may be causing him some problems. That explains why he tells his friends that he is no longer seeing her, which is a lie. He still visits her. Whenever he sees her, he feels tingles in his veins and brain, just like a drug addict. According to CNN, love is like a drug because it releases chemicals like dopamine. That explains why the man feels weird things in his body.

8. Midnight Dream (2022)

A man moves on from his past relationship but doesn’t seem pleased. He dates a new woman but still thinks of his ex-lover. To make matters worse, the woman resembles his ex-lover. When they make love, he nearly calls her by her former lover’s name. It is not uncommon for people not to move on from their past relationships for certain reasons. According to MBG, one reason some don’t move on is thinking their ex-lover was the best they could get.

7. Some Girls (2018)

It is hard to behave normally after your relationship ends. The song identifies different ways some girls cope with the pain of their breakups. Some call their mothers to vent about their breakup. Others down a whole bottle of wine. However, others remain stoic and move on. Stoicism is necessary because you will accept that the relationship has ended. As a result, they will not waste time thinking about how the relationship ended. Also, they will not try to rekindle the relationship.

6. Girls That Smoke (2016)

The song explores some of the negative behaviors that women who smoke exhibit. According to the singer, they always want to dress in skimpy outfits. Also, such women like to sip little bits of your whisky. Lastly, he talks about them burning you to ashes, which could be literal or metaphorical. In the chorus, the singer encourages men not to spend time with them. Do you agree with this take? Whether you agree or not, the song is still musically pleasant.

5. Porch With a View (2021)

In this song, a man works extremely hard in his 9 to 5 job. Sometimes, he works overtime. So far, you may conclude he is a workaholic with less time for his family. However, there is a reason the man works so much. The man wants to use his savings from his job to purchase a house for his family. He claims the house will have dogs and swings to while away time. Also, the house will be in a strategic position that will enable them to see the sunset.

4. Cold Case (2018)

The song begins with a man drinking a couple of beers. Due to the many beers he is imbibing; he makes his environment dirty by leaving behind several bottle caps. The man drinks a lot of beer because his woman left him. To make things worse, she did not leave behind any information that would make it easy to find her. Since the woman leaves without a trace, the man embarks on a wild goose chase looking for her. He looks for her in bars, amongst her friends, and in her mother’s place.

3. Desert (2021)

The song urges the listener not to worry about tomorrow. However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t plan for it. Instead, he is addressing those who are concerned that tomorrow will turn out poorly. By worrying too much about it, you fail to do what you can today. The singer, thus, urges people to tell their loved ones that they love them or miss them. In short, do what you can today and not postpone it to tomorrow. This song likens tomorrow to unpredictable phenomena like the weather. Since you cannot change it, you must accept the weather as it comes.

2. Good Dogs (2021)

Life can be fun, yet it can suddenly change for the worse. The song talks about good friends and women who stick by you. Such people will not always be around. Perhaps, they are dead. Another reason is that they may get a job opportunity outside your country. As you enjoy the good times, be prepared for bad outcomes too.

1. Grew up in the Country (2020)

Some people prefer urban life to country life. This song gives you some perspective about country life and is not as bad as some may feel. In the countryside, you can grow your food. That means you do not need to buy food from malls. Also, he asserts the area is a convenient location for having bonfires.


These songs prove that Jameson is a good teacher. There are plenty of lessons you can derive from the songs. Even if you are not a country fanatic, you can at least appreciate the messages he tries to put across. Besides teaching you lessons, his infectious voice gives you goosebumps.

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