10 Awesome Country Songs about Heaven

Dolly Parton

In country music, heaven is often thought of as where loved ones go after they die. It’s a place where we’ll be reunited with our friends and family members who have passed away and finally be at peace. While heaven is often thought of as a happy place, there are also a lot of country songs that talk about the pain and heartache that comes with losing someone we love. These songs can be incredibly moving, and they help us remember our loved ones even after they’re gone. Here are 10 awesome country songs about heaven.

10. Holes in the Floor of Heaven by Steve Wariner (1998)


We start our list with a song that is heartwarming and heartbreaking. In “Holes in the Floor of Heaven,” Steve Wariner sings about a man looking back on his life and all of the memories he has with his late wife. He talks about how he still sees her in everything and can’t help but think about her every day. Even though she’s gone, she’s still a part of his life. The song was written by Billy Kirsch and Steve Wariner, two of Wariner’s bandmates, produced by Wariner himself.

9. If Heaven by Andy Griggs (2004)


The next song is “If Heaven,” a beautiful ballad done by a well-known artist in country music, Andy Griggs. This was one of Griggs’s last songs released to the public, but it is one of his most memorable. The lyrics talk about a person who has lost somebody they love and how they would do anything to have just one more day with that person. And with the song was written by Gretchen Peters, a famous songwriter, and produced by Randy Scruggs, a well-known talent; it is no wonder that this song was a success.

8. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away by Justin Moore (2011)


When Justin Moore released this song in 2011, it quickly became a fan favorite. It’s a beautiful ballad with country roots that tells the story of longing for a loved one who has passed away. The lyrics are sad but full of hope, and the song has a message that resonates with many people. This piece was written by Dallas Davidson, Rob Hatch, and Brett Jones, who together have penned some of country music’s biggest hits.

7. Streets of Heaven by Sherrie Austin (2003)


“Streets of Heaven,” The next song is by Australian country music artist Sherrié Austin. It was released under the album “Streets of Heaven” in 2003. The song is about a mother’s prayers for her seriously ill daughter. In the song, the mother requests God that if he takes her daughter today, please make sure she looks both ways when crossing the streets of Heaven. This song would be relatable to anyone who has ever lost a loved one.

6. See You Again by Carrie Underwood (2012)


Another popular song about heaven is “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood. This was one of the first songs released after her father’s death, and it is a very personal and emotional song for her. In the lyrics, she talks about how she knows she will see him again someday and how she is comforted by that thought. The song has a compelling message, and it applies to anyone who has lost a loved one.

5. I Believe by Diamond Rio (2002)


Diamond Rio is a country music band that has been around since the early 1990s, and they are still going strong today. In 2002, they released our next song, “I Believe,” from the album “Completely.” The song is about a man on his deathbed, and he talks about all of the things he believes in. One of the things he talks about is how he knows he will be reunited with his loved ones in heaven someday. According to Wikipedia, after its release, the song picked #58 on the Country Songs chart, and later on, it hit the #1 spot for two weeks. It even ranked 31st on the Billboard Hot 100, which is impressive.

4. Wish You Were Here by Mark Wills (1999)


Next up is “Wish You Were Here,” a song about a man missing his loved one who has passed away. He talks about how much he wishes they were still here with him and how life isn’t the same without them. It’s a creative piece that performed quite well after its release. It went to #1 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) chart, and it even cracked the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a song that delivers a double punch of emotions because it’s both sad and hopeful at the same time.

3. Threaten Me With Heaven by Vince Gill (2011)


Up next is a Vince Gill ballad that will leave you tearing up. “Threaten Me With Heaven” is from an album titled Guitar Slinger, released in 2011. The song is about a person who is content with living a life full of love and happiness and is not afraid of death. This is one of those songs that makes you think about your mortality and what lies beyond the grave. The song was nominated for both a Grammy Award and an Academy of Country Music Award during its release year.

2. Letter to Heaven by Dolly Parton (1963)


The “Queen of Country Music” Dolly Parton has been around for decades, and she is still going strong today. In 1963, she released a song called “Letter to Heaven” from the album “Hits Made Famous by Country Queens.” This Queen of Country Music has earned her place on our list. The song is about a woman who writes a letter to her deceased husband, and she talks about how much she misses him. It’s a beautiful and touching song that will tug at your heartstrings.

1. When I Get Where I’m Going by Brad Paisley with Dolly Parton (2005)


In the first place, we have “When I Get Where I’m Going,” a song about a person looking forward to the day when they will be reunited with their loved ones in heaven. The lyrics are very hopeful and positive, and the song is sure to give you chills. The collaboration between Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton is stunning, and the song went on to pick #1 on Billboard US Hot Country Songs.


Many songs have been written about heaven; the list is long and varied, but these are just some of the best ones that come to mind. If you’re a country music fan, check out some of these songs, and if you’re going through a tough time, they might provide some comfort.

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