The 10 Best Justin Moore Songs of All-Time

Justin Moore

With eighteen number one hit singles, Justin Moore is a force of nature in the Country Music scene. Just this year, he announced his sixth album, Straight Outta The Country. Before you run out and grab the newest releases, let’s take a look back through his best so far. Naturally, curating a list of the top ten best Justin Moore songs of all time was a herculean task. These songs represent a mix of top hits and some of his slightly lesser-known songs, but every single one is worth a listen and deserves a place on this list.

10. Back That Thing Up


Back That Thing Up is a hilarious song about country music fan-girls who have never been to a farm or driven a truck. The tongue-in-cheekiness lands our number ten spot because of the sheer cheesy goodness. If you want a fun country song about babes, barns, and hard work, this is the one.

9. Home Sweet Home (Featuring Vince Neil)


The mournful longing in every note is what landed Home Sweet Home, a remake, on this top ten list. If you can’t put a finger on where you’ve heard this before, it’s because Motley Crue‘s original version doesn’t instantly give you the impression that it would make a superb country song. Nevertheless, this rendition is one of those musical tributes that is not-to-be-missed.

8. Backwoods


Before we can even get into Backwoods, we have to give a nod to the truly outstanding guitar intro on this song. Roger Lee Coleman gave the whole song a simple yet instantly identifiable flavor in the first few seconds. That said, Backwoods is just a riotous good time packed into a couple of minutes of music. If you have never lived in the country, you might not connect with Backwoods as deeply as some, but it can still transport you to the backwoods holler and make you wish you did know that feeling.

7. Till My Last Day


There are songs about romance and songs that are inherently romantic at their deepest core. Till My Last Day is the sort of music, only a singer who is deeply in love can make. When you have ‘the one,’ it’s all you really need to make your life complete. This is a song about finding your forever.

6. Point At You


Point at You is the anthem for rough and tumble country boys who fall in love. If you grew up with a truck and a country mile to drive it on, this is probably the song for you and the woman you love. Love will tame the craziest man and bring him home, even if he never completely gives up his sense of fun.

5. Bait A Hook


Some people change, and others don’t. Justin is clearly in the latter category. Bait a Hook is a diss song about how much it must suck to be his ex when your new boyfriend is prissy and uptight. This funny, heartfelt tune sticks in your head and speaks to the core of middle America’s experience relaxing outdoors, drinking Jack, fishing, and doing all the other things that country songs are made of. According to Justin’s Twitter Account, this song is trending on TikTok this month.

4. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away


A great, heartfelt, sorrowful country song reminiscing about the past is a staple of any country musicians’ repertoire. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away is a tear-jerking song about how nice it would be to be able to visit the lost family, friends, and even pets. We may not be able to visit loved ones who passed away, but this song will certainly make you wish you could.

3. You Look Like I Need A Drink


In 2016 You Look Like I Need a Drink became another of Justin Moore’s growing collection of number one singles. The feeling of disappointment and impending breakup is palpable in this song. Everyone who’s ever gotten dumped knows that feeling you get like you need a drink before the person you love tells you it’s over. Even when it’s time, it’s still rarely a positive experience when a relationship ends.

2. Small Town USA


Of all the relatable songs Justin Moore has ever performed, Small Town USA is arguably the one most people really feel. Although the star has plenty of fans in the city, the small town, knowing all your neighbors’ sentiment, is one that urban dwellers often share. As for all the folks in small towns, well, this song is an anthem about them. Moreover, Small own USA was his first number-one single.

1. Run Rudolph Run


Why put a Christmas song in the number one spot? Surely Justin Moore’s Run Rudolph Run wasn’t his most original since it was a cover of a song done many times and popularized by Chuck Berry. It wasn’t his biggest smash hit, nor did the song win any special awards. However, in the world of music, you may notice that every big-name artist has a holiday song. When you reach the level of fame where people care enough about your music to actually buy a holiday album because you were a part of it, that is a sign that you have truly ‘made it.’ Thus, Run Rudolph Run is number one because of the symbolism behind it.

Final Thoughts

Justin Moore went to college for exactly two weeks. Some people weren’t meant to find their calling in a classroom, and he is clearly one of those people. Doubtless, things would have gone very differently for this chart-topping artist if he’d pushed through and gone into sports or some other profession instead. Luckily he knew what mattered most, and Justin has become a multi-award-winning singer due to that choice.

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