The 10 Best Matt Maeson Songs of All-Time

Matt Maeson is an American musician who performs alternative rock and contemporary folk. He draws considerable influence from Christian music, which is unsurprising when his parents were Christian musician missionaries who forbade him from listening to secular rock until he was a teenager. Maeson has released two studio albums. The first has fared better than the second. However, the second is far from being meritless.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Matt Maeson songs released so far:

10. “Tread On Me”

“Tread On Me” is one of Maeson’s earlier songs. For those curious, it is a full-throated expression of self-affirmation. The narrator has experienced some poor treatment. However, he has become fed up with the situation, meaning he is now rising to his metaphorical feet. Suffice it to say that it is easy to identify with these sentiments.

9. “A Memory Away”

Memories are curious things. Sometimes, we will cherish them for a lifetime. Other times, we will be haunted by them over the same period. Still, memories make us who we are, meaning they are fundamental in a way very few things are. Maeson’s “A Memory Away” is a surprisingly thoughtful song that embraces the ambiguities of its subject matter.

8. “Legacy”

“Legacy” is a very hopeful song. It is a dialogue between the narrator and an older individual. One claims he is beyond hope, while the other points out he isn’t thinking right because of his fears and doubts. This song says that there is always time for people to pull themselves back from the brink. Moreover, it delivers its message with greater efficacy and enjoyability than most of its counterparts can ever claim.

7. “The Mask”

Maeson has earned a reputation for thoughtful songs. “The Mask” is no exception to this rule. Simply put, it is rare for people to show their true selves to everyone and everything in the world. Instead, we make masks for ourselves based on our experiences, thus putting ourselves in better positions to achieve our aims. What sets “The Mask” apart is how it points out that we don’t necessarily realize we wear these masks. Sometimes, we believe our masks are our true selves, which doesn’t do wonders for our self-awareness.

6. “Blood Runs Red”

“Blood Runs Red” is one of Maeson’s more recent songs. After all, it is a song of self-assessment after his initial success in his chosen career, meaning it couldn’t have come from when he was still breaking through. There is a real sense of disorientation to the whole thing. The narrator has undergone tremendous change thanks to his meteoric rise. Meanwhile, he returns home to find that everyone else has remained more or less the same, thus making for a kind of emotional whiplash.

5. “Cut Deep”

Speaking of which, “Cut Deep” is another song from the same studio album – Never Had to Leave – as “Blood Runs Red.” However, it is the one that finished the set, whereas the latter was the one that started the same. Despite this, the two had surprisingly similar receptions. “Cut Deep” peaked at the number 23 position on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart, one spot lower than “Blood Runs Red” managed. Still, it isn’t hard to see why someone would prefer this song to its album-mate. Sometimes, people enjoy a bit of venting when it is delivered so entertainingly.

4. “Beggar’s Song”

“Beggar’s Song” was never a single. Even so, it stands out among its counterparts. Chances are good interested individuals can guess it is from the perspective of someone bloodied and bruised by life. The neat thing is that it isn’t an expression of despair. Instead, it radiates a kind of joyful defiance more than anything because it focuses on the positives rather than wallowing in the rest.

3. “Go Easy”

“Go Easy” had the unenviable task of following “Cringe.” It did well by any reasonable standard because bad songs don’t reach the number 16 spot on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart. Unfortunately, that was no match for the performances of the songs that preceded and followed “Go Easy.” Still, people shouldn’t overlook this song because it is undeniably one of Maeson’s best. It took much inspiration from his recovery from his lows, which is the kind of thing that is easy to empathize with.

2. “Cringe”

“Cringe” is the song that started Maeson’s rise. It soared to the top of the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart in 2019. Furthermore, it spent four weeks in that position, thus making it the number-one single from a new artist with the most staying power that year. “Cringe” is similar to “Go Easy” by drawing from the same experiences. However, it has a sadder story because Maeson based it on how the people close to him were chiding and criticizing him rather than concerned with how he was doing when he was struggling with his issues.

1. “Hallucinogenics”

“Hallucinogenics” would be the third of Maeson’s three singles from his debut studio album, Bank On the Funeral. It matched “Cringe” by rising to the top of the same chart. Similarly, it went on to earn the artist another platinum certification from the RIAA. This song shines a much more direct light on Maeson’s past woes, meaning one might enjoy it best when listening to it within the broader context of its album mates. Regardless, the initial version of “Hallucinogenics” is a superb song. That said, interested individuals might be able to get even more enjoyment out of the official remix, which featured vocals from Lana Del Rey.

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