The 10 Best Pink Sweats Songs of All-Time

Pink Sweats is an American singer-songwriter who emerged in the late 2010s. As the story goes, he decided to pursue a music career after experiencing a medical condition called achalasia that makes it hard for food and liquids to pass into the stomach through the esophagus.

Subsequently, he started working with music in various ways, which led to him releasing his debut single, “Honesty,” to considerable interest. Soon enough, Pink Sweats generated enough interest to release a studio album. Something that was pushed back because of the COVID-19 crisis but still came out in 2021. Since then, he has released a second studio album. It seems safe to say that more music will follow.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Pink Sweats songs released so far:

10. “I Wanna Be Yours”

“I Wanna Be Yours” is the product of a team-up between Pink Sweats and Crush. For those unfamiliar, the latter is a South Korean singer-songwriter specializing in R&B and hip-hop. The two work better together than people might expect. As a result, interested individuals shouldn’t pass up on “I Wanna Be Yours,” even if they aren’t particularly fond of love songs.

9. “I Know”

“I Know” is a somewhat earlier single than “I Wanna Be Yours.” Both came out in 2019. However, “I Know” was Pink Sweats’s first single that year, whereas “I Wanna Be Yours” was his second-to-last in the same period. Despite this, the two have similar subjects, as shown by both having a narrator wooing someone who has caught his eye.

8. “Drama”

Amusingly, “Drama” doesn’t have much drama packed into it. The song has some of the boastfulness that one would expect from someone who has found success in a notoriously-competitive endeavor. However, it isn’t waving that success in anyone’s face as if throwing down the metaphorical gauntlet. If anything, the song is all about how the singer doesn’t want any drama, which makes for a refreshing change of pace.

7. “Would You”

“Would You” is a song in which the narrator expresses his uncertainties about his relationship. The question refers to the various things he would do for his significant other because of his love. Unfortunately, he isn’t sure that his significant other would be willing to do those things for him, meaning the song’s title is a question more than anything else. The singer references several couples to make his point. Funny enough, Bonnie and Clyde are mentioned as positive examples. This makes sense considering the narrator is singing about the willingness to kill and be killed for the significant other as shows of his love.

6. “Body Ain’t Me”

“Body Ain’t Me” is one of those post-relationship songs. That said, it has a better chance of ending happily than most. The narrator starts by feigning hard-heartedness. However, it isn’t long before he admits that he still wants to get back together, so much so that he doesn’t want to see anyone with her other than him. Similarly, he says his ex is interested in getting back together after a long time apart. Post-relationship songs are often downers. This one is interesting by diverging from the standard set of expectations.

5. “Heaven”

“Heaven” is a love song. Specifically, it is one in which the narrator compares being with his significant other with the titular location. On top of that, he says he likes the experience so much that he would be willing to trade his entire life for a single night. It is hyperbole. Still, it is sweet-sounding hyperbole.

4. “Lows”

“Lows” is another love song. Given the name, one might expect that it is about the narrator expressing his willingness to be there for his significant other in their lowest moments. The neat thing is that this isn’t the case. Instead, the narrator sings that he will be there for his significant other even in his lowest moments so long as they reciprocate his love. This is a simple twist. Even so, it gives a song a new vitality that it wouldn’t have under other circumstances.

3. “17”

This is a song in which the narrator sings about his hope that his relationship will last far into the future. The titular age refers to what is presumably the start of their relationship. Meanwhile, the contrasting number used to make the point is “ninety-two,” which makes it clear that the narrator hopes to go the distance. There is nothing in the song that tells us whether his dream will come true or not. Pink Sweats sings it so well that one can’t help but root for him because it is such a beautiful sentiment.

2. “Honesty”

“Honesty” has the distinction of being Pink Sweats’ debut single. It never made it onto any major music charts in the United States. However, it seems safe to say that it made a strong impression on consumers because it was a platinum-selling single in the same country. The song touches upon commitment. It shares that with several of its later-released counterparts. Still, it remains one of the best songs in Pink Sweats’ repertoire.

1. “At My Worst”

It is easy to love someone when they are at their best. After all, that tends to be when they are at their most likable, which matters because like often generates like. Unfortunately, most of us can’t maintain that standard all the time. As such, it is easy to connect with the narrator in this song, who wants a significant other who will love him even when he is at his worst. Pink Sweats has a strong interest in commitment and related relationship issues. “At My Worst” sees him expressing that more powerfully than any of his other songs released so far, which is how it went platinum in the United States and Canada.

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