Metallica announce new All Within My Hands concert in March 2020

Metallica announces second All Within My Hands Foundation Helping Hands Concert coming in 2020.

This heavy metal band is one of the biggest bands in the world. Also, they are in recent years that status has benefitted many around the world. As they’ve raised their charitable efforts in later times. Earlier this year, the heavy metal band already donated €1.3 million to charity on tour and returned to the San Francisco Symphony to perform for the 20th anniversary of their new S&M concerts. Now, Metallica has announced its second annual Helping Hands charity show.

Metallica has released this statement:

Mark your calendars to join us and see what we’ve been up to since the Foundation formed in 2017, learn about the charities we’ve supported and the work we’re doing in local communities, and we’ll close out the night by hitting the stage for a live performance. We hope you’ll join us again next year and keep watching here for more details coming by the end of 2019.

Metallica and All Within My Hands Foundation already donated $279,000. This donates goes to a Romanian pediatric oncology and radiotherapy hospital. Also, they’ve donated at least $10,000 to local food banks in every city.

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You can check out the Metallica‘s charity info in here.

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