Ranking All The Songs from The A Walk To Remember Soundtrack

Mandy Moore

Teenage love stories in the early aughts were typically outrageous, over the top, and a little bawdy. So, this movie was a true standout because of its plaintive emotion. Fans of Nicholas Sparks know that the two hours spent watching a film based on one of his films will undoubtedly elicit more than several tears and A Walk To Remember delivers. Adding to the movie’s heart-tugging tone is the music; each song is a thread that draws out more of the viewers’ emotions. The songs are ones popular at the time and may have faded if not for this movie. However, the tracks all created a soundtrack for a timeless film that brings us back to first loves. This is a ranking of the Walk To Remember Soundtrack songs.

12. No One – Cold


Listening to this song, it sounds like a personal crisis. However, the song was initially written for the singer’s mother after her friends moved away. The music plays when Landon finds Jamie in a high school yearbook. Scooter Ward wrote Cold’s second single from 13 Ways to Bleed. It spent thirteen weeks number one and appeared on this album several years later.

11. If You Believe – Rachael Lumpal


The movie is a twist on first loves that will leave you teary-eyed, much like other Nicholas Sparks adaptations. The lyrics in Lampas’ song reflect how the world fades when you find the person you’re meant to spend your time with. The last line in the song is “there is nothing in the world that cannot be if you believe.” A beautiful message that translates not only to love but also to life.

10. You – Switchfoot


One of the most emotional parts of the movie is seeing a young girl’s journey with cancer unfold. Additionally, moviegoers realize that this young woman might have her life end before it truly begins. Switchfoot’s song plays right after the scene when Landon goes to his father after finding out Jamie’s diagnosis.

9. Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough – New Radicals


This group is best known for their upbeat anthem; You Get What You Give. Aside from that, they’re featured in Mandy Moore’s first role on the silver screen, Jamie, a young girl with a terminal diagnosis. Fans of this song have speculated about its true meaning. One of the most likely theories is that it’s about looking for things in life outside of acquiring more material possessions.

8. Only Hope – Mandy Moore


Switchfoot features prominently on this soundtrack. This song first appeared on the group’s album, New Ways To Be Human. On The Walk To Remember Soundtrack, Moore took this song to the next level.

7. So What Does It All Mean – Fitzgerald, Gold, & West


Shane West starred opposite Mandy Moore. Even though she had more tracks on the soundtrack, he still stood out with this song. The lyrics reflect the movie’s overall theme, first impressions, and lasting love.

6. Dare To Move – Switchfoot


Jon Foreman wrote this song which Charlie Peacock produced. It was the first track on the group’s album Learning to Breathe, released in 2000. Even though many artists and groups question whether a song will be a hit, it wasn’t the case for Dare to Move. Immediately after releasing the music, the group knew it would be a huge hit. They were right. Aside from the initial release and position on The Walk To Remember Soundtrack, the song appeared on other soundtracks as well as an episode of One Tree Hill.

5. Learning To Breathe – Switchfoot


When we first get into a relationship, we give ourselves entirely to the other person. Since Switchfoot is a Christian group, many think this song is about a personal relationship with God. However, alongside the other tracks in this soundtrack, it becomes one about growing alongside another persona and getting the opportunity to find the best moments and pieces of yourself reflected in another’s eyes.

4. Cry – Mandy Moore


It’s a timeless story. A girl likes a boy but thinks he is too blind to notice. However, even if we feel that they’ll never look in our direction, it’s easy to keep trying. The lyrics in this song reflect the emotions that women feel. When we feel emotions, we can’t help but think it’s a waste of time. Moore first released it on her third album, but it was never a hit until it was on The Walk To Remember Soundtrack.

3. Dancing In The Moonlight – Toploader


Sherman Kelly wrote this song in 1969, after being attacked by a gang. Deeply affected by the violent act, he wanted to muse on what it would be like without having so much violence in the world. Thirty years later, the English group recorded a cover. It became the third single on their first album Onka’s Big Monka. According to Smooth Radio, the album went Double Platinum in the United Kingdom.

2. Someday We’ll Know – Mandy Moore


Throughout the tracks, you may notice a trend. Artists covered others’ songs. For this one, Moore covered a song by The New Radicals. This song is from their album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too, released in 1999. It was the second single but didn’t have the radio appeal of their first. However, it works well for the scene in the movie. Throughout the film, Landon wants to impress Jamie and tries to do so in many simple, romantic ways. While this song plays, he asks his mother to teach him how to dance. The scene turns into a montage, showing him and Jamie dancing together.

1. It’s Gonna Be Love – Mandy Moore


Most people remember this song from the Walk To Remember Soundtrack. It was also a bonus track on the Japanese release of Moore’s third album. As Jamie’s days draw to a close, Landon helps her cross as many things off her bucket list as he can. FWOne of the items is getting a tattoo. The lyrics in this song speak to the surety when we find someone who brings wholeness to life we didn’t imagine. Even though the two main characters are young, they create a love we can only wish for in a short time.

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