Powerwolf Teases Their New Single “Beast of Gévaudan” With Its Release Date

Powerwolf Teases Their New Single "Beast of Gévaudan" With Its Release Date

German power metal band Powerwolf recently shared a teaser video that showed us a selection from their new song Beast of Gévaudan alongside the release date of the single. It seems Powerwolf is getting ready to release a single with strong kicks resembling “Army of the Night” from the album Blessed & Possessed (2015). The music video, on the other hand, takes place in a forest. As far as we can tell, Powerwolf will once again give place to some Pagan elements. Here is the teaser Powerwolf shared for Beast of Gévaudan. The release is set for May 20th. Brace yourselves!

The teaser which lasts less than five seconds was enough to hype fans up. It sounds like a typical Powerwolf song with strong kicks and a fast rhythm. The music video, too, is not going to be far away from the Powerwolf that we’re accustomed to. The band is going to release their new single Beast of Gévaudan via Napalm Records, as they always did. The song is going to be a part of their new studio album Call Of The Wild, which is going to be released this July. Let’s check out the details on Powerwolf’s two upcoming albums.

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The upcoming studio album of Powerwolf: Call Of The Wild

The popular power metal group is going to release a new studio album this July. Titled Call Of The Wild, the album is going to be released on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. As we can understand from the artwork of Call Of The Wild and a teaser of a song from the album, it’s probably going to feature some Pagan elements. Here is the stunning artwork for Powerwolf’s new album, which is created by Zsofia Dankova.

powerwolf call of the wild

The release date of the album is July 9th, 2021. Until then, you can pre-save the album on the mentioned platforms via this link. The songs from Powerwolf’s new album will automatically be added to your library once the album is released if you do that.

Powerwolf’s new bonus album: Missa Cantorem

The band is also going to drop a bonus album that will feature different versions of their earlier songs. Powerwolf is going to release that album on July 9th, on the same day as Call Of The Wild. In addition to its digital release, Missa Cantorem is going to be available in various physical editions: 2-CD Mediabook, 3-LP Vinyl Box, and 3-CD Earbook.

powerwolf missa cantorem cover

You can check out Missa Cantorem’s cover artwork above. Here is the tracklist of Powerwolf’s new bonus album.

01. “Sanctified With Dynamite” feat. Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear)
02. “Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend” feat. Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)
03. “Nightside Of Siberia” feat. Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth)
04. “Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone” feat. Doro Pesch
05. “Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike)” feat. Matthew Kiichi Heafy (Trivium)
06. “Killers With The Cross” feat. Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork)
07. “Kiss Of The Cobra King” feat. Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost)
08. “We Drink Your Blood” feat. Johannes Eckerström (Avatar)
09. “Resurrection By Erection” feat. Christopher Bowes (Alestorm)
10. “Saturday Satan” feat. Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun)

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