Ranking All The Sheryl Crow Studio Albums

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is an American singer-songwriter who has been around since the late 1980s. On the whole, she has been very successful, as shown by how she has managed to sell more than 50 million records over the course of her career. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Crow has shown up in a considerable number of TV shows as well for one reason or another.

11. Home for Christmas


Unsurprisingly, Home for Christmas is a Christmas album consisting of Crow’s interpretations of popular Christmas songs for the most part. It isn’t very well-known. After all, it received an exclusive release in Hallmark stores in 2008, a second exclusive release in Target stores in 2010, and then an actual worldwide release in in 2011, which is the kind of thing that tends to have a very noticeable effect on a product’s name recognition.

10. Threads


Threads is Crow’s most recent studio album. However, what makes it stand out is that it might be her final studio album as well. This doesn’t mean that Crow is going to stop making music, just that chances are good that she is going to focus on making smaller releases because she believes that the fundamental nature of the music market has changed. In any case, Threads isn’t capable of matching the best of Crow’s best. It isn’t a bad release, though it will take time to settle into its eventual position because it is such a recent release.

9. Feels Like Home


Classifying Crow’s music can be rather challenging because she has incorporated various influences at various points in time. However, Feels Like Home was a definite turn towards country, which makes sense because she was working with country artists while living in Nashville, TN at the time. The release was a bit uneven but it was still enjoyable in most respects..

8. 100 Miles from Memphis


Speaking of which, Feels Like Home was preceded by 100 Miles from Memphis, which was influenced by Memphis soul as well as an older kind of R&B. The result was very interesting, though it loses points because it wasn’t perfectly executed.

7. Be Myself


Be Myself was the studio album that followed Feels Like Home. Music-wise, it was a return to a more rock-influenced sound, which is something that Crow has a lot of experience with to say the least. Be Myself falls short of the best of her earlier releases but it is nonetheless worthwhile for people who enjoy that part of her body of work.

6. Detours


Released in February of 2008, Detours was well-received on the whole. This can be seen in how it was the third of three consecutive studio albums to peak at number two in the United States. Furthermore, Detours was nominated for a Grammy, which suggests that it was well-regarded in that respect as well. Still, those two things should also make it clear that Crow’s sixth studio album isn’t capable of claiming a higher position on this list.

5. Wildflower


Wildflower was the second of those three consecutive third studio albums that peaked at number two in the United States. It was received less well than its predecessor C’mon, C’mon. Still, Crow’s formidable status as a singer-songwriter can be seen in the fact that Wildflower managed to go platinum in the United States anyways, which was well-earned.

4. C’mon, C’mon


C’mon, C’mon is one of Crow’s best-known releases. After all, “Soak Up the Sun” was a massive success that reached the number one position on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, with the result that the studio album as a whole managed to reach the number two position as well.

3. Tuesday Night Music Club


Tuesday Night Music Club was Crow’s debut studio album. It is named thus because of the collection of musicians who gathered together on Tuesdays to work upon it. There are a fair number of people who consider Tuesday Night Music Club to be one of the most notable releases of its kind. In part, this is because of the success of the single “All I Wanna Do.” However, that kind of respect wouldn’t be possible if the rest of the release was sub-par. Still, Tuesday Night Music Club’s status as a debut studio album shows, with the result that it places third on this list.

2. The Globe Sessions


The Globe Sessions was Crow’s third studio album, meaning that it benefited much from her increased experience. Unfortunately, the chances of a future remaster are low. This is because the studio master for The Globe Sessions was one of the hundreds that were lost when fire swept through Universal Studios Hollywood.

1. Sheryl Crow


Crow’s self-titled studio album was her second studio album rather than her first studio album. It stands out in a number of ways. To name an example, it proved her skills as a songwriter beyond the shadow of a doubt, seeing as how she was the one who produced the release as well as the one who wrote the songs either on her own or in collaboration with one other individual. Similarly, it benefited from what seemed to have been an increased sense of confidence on her part, which made for a stronger, more satisfying sound. As such, it is no wonder that Sheryl Crow tends to be regarded as her best release. Something that is matched by the sales numbers, seeing as how it went triple platinum in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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