The 10 Best Pleasure P Songs of All-Time

Pleasure P’s career as a R&B singer-songwriter started in the late 1990s. He was a founding member of Pretty Ricky. Specifically, he was the one who provided the main vocals while the others rapped. By the late 2000s, Pleasure P was ready to embark on a solo career. That has resulted in three studio albums and several other releases. As a result, it seems safe to say that Pleasure P has been successful in this regard.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Pleasure P songs ever released:

10. “By the Atlantic”

Pleasure P released a pair of studio albums in 2021. One is Pleasure & Pain, while the other is Pain & Pleasure. “By the Atlantic” is one of the songs from the former. Furthermore, it is an excellent representative of Pleasure P’s recent releases.

9. “You Changed”

Speaking of which, “You Changed” is another song released in 2018. Given the name, interested individuals should have no problem guessing it has an accusatory tone. After all, the narrator is deeply upset because his ex doesn’t have the same feelings for him that he does for her. This is particularly painful because the two’s relationship had seen considerable progress. Indeed, the narrator says he still speaks with his ex’s mother regularly, which supports his claim that he was close to his ex’s family. “You Changed” is a bit cliched. Despite this, it sells its subject skillfully.

8. “For a Long Time”

“For a Long Time” is amusingly awkward. That isn’t a slight against the song. Instead, it is a nod to the song’s subject. Yes, friends can turn their relationship into something romantic. However, there is no denying that it is fraught with complications, particularly for people who fear losing their friendship in the process. Pleasure P did a remarkable job of conveying these thoughts while remaining as smooth as ever.

7. “Rock With You”

Meanwhile, “Rock With You” is a much more straightforward song. It might not stand out when it comes to its subject matter. However, it is executed with so much skill that it has a place on this list anyways.

6. “Paralyzed”

Seizing up because of the feeling of suspense is a horrible experience. It isn’t as bad as literal paralysis because feelings are fluid in a way that physical conditions are not. Even so, it is unpleasant enough that it is easy for people who have felt it to sympathize with others who are still caught up in it. “Paralyzed” doesn’t quite describe the feeling to perfection, but it came close enough to make it worth listening to.

5. “Under”

“Under” was the third single from Pleasure P’s first studio album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper. That name might not make much sense until one learns that Pleasure P’s real name is Marcus Cooper. Regardless, “Under” did alright when it came out. It reached the number five position on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Furthermore, it was popular enough to break into the Billboard Hot 100, though it never rose beyond the number 78 position. As for the song’s meaning, it is a clear metaphor, though one meant more for fun than for concealing anything particularly thought-provoking.

4. “Did You Do Wrong”

“Did You Do Wrong” came out on the same studio album as “Under.” It had a poorer showing than its two counterparts, as shown by how it topped out at the number 90 position on the Billboard Hot 100 and the number 20 position on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. That said, “Did You Do Wrong” is enjoyable enough.

Moreover, it seems to have a surprisingly decent message, seeing as how its narrator is seeking forgiveness from his significant other while offering it at the same time. Yes, people can take this sentiment to a dangerous excess. However, it is no exaggeration to say that the willingness to forgive and seek forgiveness can do much to keep a relationship running. Some people get along perfectly well without any friction whatsoever. Most aren’t so lucky, meaning this is needed to smooth things out when something contentious comes up.

3. “Boyfriend #2”

The second single from The Introduction of Marcus Cooper was “Boyfriend #2.” This song was the most successful of the batch. For proof, it stopped just short of the number one position on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart by peaking at the number two position. Furthermore, it reached the number 42 position on the Billboard Hot 100, meaning it beat its counterparts by a considerable margin. Besides these things, “Boyfriend #2” is also the most entertaining song out of the three, not least because the narrator is expressing his satisfaction with being the other man.

2. “I Love Girls”

Sometimes, straightforward songs make the best songs. “I Love Girls” is exactly what it sounds like. Indeed, the narrator goes to great lengths to describe the sheer breadth of his personal preferences.

1. “Letter to My Ex”

“Letter to My Ex” comes from a mixtape called Break Up to Make Up rather than one of Pleasure P’s studio albums. It lives up to the mixtape’s name. After all, “Letter to My Ex” is all about the narrator expressing his sense of grief at the end of his relationship. He doesn’t go as far as to ask his ex to come back to him, but he is hinting at the idea in the most unsubtle way possible. Of course, Pleasure P has the skill needed to make everything sound amazing, thus enabling this song to stand out.

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