The 10 Best Todd Rundgren Songs of All-Time

Todd Rundgren

Multi-instrumentalist Todd Rundgren was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1948, where he taught himself how to play the first of many instruments he’d become versed with, the guitar. Already at a young age, Rundgren’s fascination with music, thanks to the record collection belonging to his parents, would serve as the inspiration behind his decision to embark on a music career that would eventually launch him into stardom.

As a soloist, as well as a fellow band member of Utopia, Todd Rundgren has entertained the audience at a worldwide level in many different music genres that include electronic, pop-rock, psychedelic, and R&B. While with Utopia from 1973 until 2018, there were ten studio albums, five live albums, and six compilation albums that include Todd Rundgren’s credit. As a solo artist, he recorded and released twenty-one studio albums, ten compilation albums, two live albums, two video albums, and an extended play (EP). Also to his credit as a soloist, there are twenty-one singles each of them did achieve charting success.

10. The Want of a Nail (featuring Bobby Womack)

In 1989, (The Want of a Nail) charted on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart at number fifteen. It was the final single Todd Rundgren recorded and released that would see chart success. It, along with the rest of the songs that sum up Rundgren’s album, (Nearly Human), focused heavily on personal issues at a spiritual level, seeming to pool the artist’s own life experiences into one of the most soulful performances he’s ever produced.

9. A Dream Goes on Forever

Todd Rundgren’s fifth studio album, (Todd), was released in 1974 and featured the single (A Dream Goes on Forever), which charted at number forty-five on the Canadian Singles Chart, at number forty-six on the US Cash Box, and at number sixty-nine on the US Billboard Hot 100. Originally, both the single and the album were scheduled to be released in 1973, but the oil crisis that occurred at that time saw a shortage of materials required to make new vinyl records, so it was delayed.

8. Hello It’s Me (1969 Version( (as Nazz)

Before Utopia and before going solo, Todd Rundgren was with the rock group, Nazz. The band’s self-titled debut album featured the hit single (Hello It’s Me) in 1969, which charted on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number sixty-six. On the US Cash Box, it peaked at number forty-seven. It was slightly more popular on the Canadian Singles Chart as it reached number forty-one.

7. Bang the Drum All Day

In 1983, Todd Rundgren recorded and released (Bang the Drum All Day) as a single from his tenth studio album, (The Ever Popular Tortured Event), which has become something of an anti-work anthem. On the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, it peaked at number twenty-nine. It charted at number sixty-three on the US Billboard Hot 100. Over time, since its release, it has become one of Rundgren’s most popular songs as it is often played as the theme music for various programs that have set themes in place revolving around celebratory events and pop-culture humor.

6. Set Me Free (with Utopia)

The first of two hits from Utopia’s fourth studio album, (Adventures in Utopia), was (Set Me Free), which was released in 1980. The mix of progressive rock, pop, and disco featured in the song’s layout served as the contributing influence that would make it become a charted hit. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number twenty-seven, and on the US Cash Box at number twenty-nine. It also appeared on the Canadian Singles Chart at number fifty-five.

5. Good Vibrations

Originally recorded and released by the iconic Beach Boys in 1966, Todd Rundgren’s coverage of (Good Vibrations) sees the song peak as high as number twenty-eight on the Canadian Singles Chart in 1976. On the US Billboard Billboard Hot 100, it charted at number thirty-four. The US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart peaked the song at number thirty-two. Rundgren’s eighth studio album, (Faithful) has one side of its recordings loaded with cover songs while the other is original material he wrote and performed himself.

4. Can We Still Be Friends

In 1978, (Can We Still Be Friends) was a chart hit for Todd Rundgren as it appeared as high as number eight on the Kent Music Report in Australia. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number twenty-nine, and on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at number forty-five. On the Canadian Singles Chart, it appeared at number thirty-seven. In 1994, a remixed version of the song was played in the 1994 film, Dumb and Dumber, and was on the 2001 Vanilla Sky soundtrack. Originally, the single is one of the tracks featured on Rundgren’s album, (Hermit of Mink Hollow).

3. We Gotta Get You a Woman

Todd Rundgren’s third studio album, (Runt), brought forth the hit single, (We Gotta Get You a Woman), which charted at number twenty on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Singles Chart in 1970. It also charted at number twenty-one on the US Adult Contemporary chart, which was known as the US Billboard Easy Listening chart at the time. The inspiration behind the song came from Rundgren’s relation with a friend, whom he felt needed to find a lady friend to enrich his personal life.

2. I Saw the Light

Written in just twenty minutes by Todd Lundgren, (I Saw the Light) was recorded and released as the opening track to his 1972 album, (Something/Anything?). For Lundgren, this song reached the most amount of major music charts. On the US Cash Box, I Saw the Light peaked at number eleven and on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at number twelve. The Canadian Singles Chart charted it at number fifteen while the US Billboard Hot 100 had it at number sixteen. The Kent Music Report in Australia had the song chart to number twenty-one and on the UK Singles Chart, it peaked at number thirty-six.

1. Hello It’s Me (1973 Version)

Todd Rundgren’s fifth studio album, Something/Anything? was released in 1972 and became certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The re-released single, (Hello It’s Me) was his highest-charting hit as it peaked at number two on the US Cash Box and at number five on the US Billboard Hot 100. It also charted at number seventeen on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and on the Canadian Singles Chart.

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