The 10 Best Marques Houston Songs of All Time

Marques Houston is versatile, being known for his music and acting skills. Although he dipped his toes in acting through a few series and movies, it is his songs that pushed him to celebrity status. Houston began his career with a group, Immature, before striking out on his own. As a solo artist, Houston has carved out an impressive career, and songs dating back to the early 2000s remain timeless. Although he continues to release more tracks, some of the best Marques Houston songs are from his earlier years, as you shall see below.

10. Always & Forever

They say love comes knocking when you least expect it, and the lyrics could not say it better. A guy could not even be interested in being with a woman, but then things change. Besides the physical attraction that has him mesmerized, there is the chemistry that makes him so comfortable. As a result, a man that was not ready to take care of a woman, pay her bills, and go out on dates, finds himself wishing the woman was his. Suddenly, he wants to do all that and much more for her.

9. That Girl

Ne-Yo’s songwriting prowess is evident in this song, which he co-wrote and recorded. Unfortunately, Columbia Records dropped him and gave the song to Houston, who did such a great job with it that it became his first single to chart the Billboard Hot 100. It is the perfect song for women who are insecure as Houston convinces his girlfriend that looking at another girl does not mean he is thinking about dumping her.

8. Favorite Girl

It is hard to believe that this song is sixteen years old because it still hits the right spot when you listen to it. After a guy has been with so many girls, there comes a time he decides to stop fooling around with them and stick with one. Houston expresses the decision in the most beautiful way through this song. He says he has no excuse not to be with this particular girl; after all, she has all the qualities he goes looking for, and there is not a thing about which he can complain. For this reason, she is his favorite and he is ready to give her the world.

7. Everything

When you hear someone say this will be on their wedding playlist, it is because the heartfelt message Houston communicated is too beautiful to pass on, especially when you are truly in love. He is making an oath to stay by the woman’s side no matter what because she believed in him even when he had nothing but dreams to share. He adds that he does not need much to survive because her love is enough.

6. Sunset

Singersroom published that the song is about Jennifer Freeman, whom Houston starred with on “You Got Served” in 2004. Rumor had it that they started dating in June 2007 and got engaged in November 2007 but broke off the engagement shortly after. Allegedly, Freeman had been intimate with some of Houston’s friends, including Omarion and Lil Fizz, before she started dating Houston. Her past caught up with her hence the split. From the lyrics, it is clear that Houston is singing about a girl he had been warned about, but he did not listen. Considering that he talks about a ring being returned to him, it could be true that Freeman inspired the song.

5. All Because of You

This is the first song on the “Naked” album, and it talks about regretting his behavior and promising to mend his ways. There is always that one person for whom a guy is willing to give up his all to keep the relationship. Unfortunately, some realize when it is too late, as is the case in this narrative. Houston knows he is to blame for the girl wanting to leave; he has taken her love for granted by not listening to her complaining about how he stays out all night. Now that she has one foot out of the door, he promises to change and marry her.

4. Sex Wit You

When Essence interviewed Houston about his music, he explained that music without passion is like a strin-less guitar, a keyless piano, and a soulless human. By passion, the R&B singer means sexualizing his music, and the song “Sex Wit You” is one of the many that talk about lovemaking. He compares the feeling he gets from sex to, among many things, the smell of breakfast his mother used to make.

3. Clubbin’ Featuring Joe Budden and R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s vocals are unmistakable; not only is he a featured artist credited as Pied Piper, but Kelly also produced and wrote the song. It is the ideal song for those who love clubbing. It also provides a sneak peek of what goes on in the club for those who have never had the experience of being in one. The single did so well in the UK and the US, where it peaked at #15 and #39, respectively.

2. Naked

According to, the main reason the song was produced was to test how far Houston could go with his vocals. Harvey Mason Jr, an American producer, disclosed that his production company had already recorded two of the singer’s vocals. The producer had so much faith in Houston’s vocal abilities, saying that the previous records had not yet revealed Houston’s potential. Therefore “Naked,” a song written by Tank, was the best to showcase Houston’s ability to change keys and sing in a falsetto. Mason believes that the singer did a great job, and the song is one of the best so far.

1. Circle

This is one of the best songs Houston has ever done because everything is perfect – from the voice to the lyrics, beat, and choreography. It tells the story of how sometimes circumstances cause two people in love to move on to other relationships. For instance, in this case, he went to school, and the relationship died. The feelings may have faded after both entered new relationships, but once in a while, something reminds him of what could have been.

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