The 10 Best Neha Kakkar Songs of All-Time

Neha Kakkar is best known for being a playback singer. That means she records songs for movies so that actresses can lip-sync them on screen. Playback singers work with a wide range of film industries.

However, they are strongly associated with Hindi cinema and its counterparts, which makes sense because their movies are so consistently musical. Kakkar fits this description. Her songs have appeared in numerous Hindi and non-Hindi movies. Moreover, she has leveraged her success to build a prominent online presence.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Neha Kakkar songs released so far:

10. “Goa Beach”

Goa is the smallest Indian state by area but the richest when measured by GDP per capita. It is famous for its tourism sector popular with domestic and foreign visitors. Given this, interested individuals should have no problem guessing what “Goa Beach” is about. It is also a good reminder that Kakkar does release music without a connection to movies. After all, “Goa Beach” is one of the more than a dozen such songs that came out in 2020.

9. “Kala Chashma”

Meanwhile, “Kala Chashma” is a song associated with a movie. Specifically, Kakkar recorded it for Baar Baar Dekho, which means something along the lines of “Look Again and Again.” This is a romantic drama in which the male lead changes the way he treats his significant other when uncontrolled time travel reveals that it will cause him nothing but misery. Strictly speaking, Kakkar wasn’t the first to record “Kala Chashma.” However, it still stands out because she gave it a lighter, more tantalizing sound.

8. “Suroor”

Kakkar performed “Suroor” as a duet with Bilal Saeed. The latter is a Pakistani singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in the early 2010s. Soon enough, Saeed started working with the Indian film industry and then the Pakistani film industry. “Suroor” is special because the collaboration created something beyond either artist on their own.

7. “Narazgi”

“Narazgi” is a song released in 2022. The name can mean “resentment.” As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that “Narazgi” doesn’t have the happiest of outcomes. Those curious should know it is a song in which the narrator tries to mend things with her ex. Unfortunately, the music video makes it clear that nothing comes of the attempt, which makes sense considering the general tone of the song.

6. “Mile Ho Tum”

Kakkar performed this song with her brother Tony Kakkar for the movie Fever. It is something of a departure from her usual repertoire because it is a ballad. Still, Kakkar’s superb execution showcased her remarkable versatility as an artist.

5. “Aao Raja”

“Aao Raja” came out with Gabbar Is Back in 2015. The latter is an action movie centered on anti-corruption vigilantism. Amusingly, “Aao Raja” doesn’t have anything to do with that. Instead, it is a catchy number that can be summed up as a woman making the first move toward a man who has managed to catch her interest. “Raja” is a royal title in a South Asian context. Here, it is being used as slang, which is why the song’s title translates to “Come mister.”

4. “Main Tera Boyfriend”

“Main Tera Boyfriend” means “I’m Your Boyfriend.” Given that, chances are good interested individuals can guess this is the product of another team-up. To be exact, Kakkar recorded it with Arijit Singh and Meet Bros, thus resulting in an energetic song that came out at a time when everyone was craving something in that vein. Movie-wise, “Main Tera Boyfriend” was meant for Raabta, an action movie centered on a pair of reincarnated lovers.

3. “Badri Ki Dulhania”

“Badri Ki Dulhania” is a party song recorded for the movie Badrinath Ki Dulhania. The latter is a romantic comedy. Despite this, it touched upon several sociopolitical issues. For instance, the movie starts with the male lead being less than thrilled by the thought of winding up like his older brother, who was planning to marry the woman he loved despite their father’s disapproval before refraining when their father suffered a heart attack.

Thanks to that, his older brother is trapped in a marriage with someone he doesn’t love, who is also miserable because she isn’t allowed to work even though she is the smarter and more educated of the pair. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the male lead winds up running into a similar situation, which provides the bulk of the story. Of course, “Badri Ki Dulhania” was never meant to encapsulate Badrinath Ki Dulhania, thus enabling it to stand as its own thing.

2. “Tukur Tukur”

By this point, interested individuals should have realized that Kakkar is best known for upbeat, energetic songs. “Tukur Tukur” is no exception to this rule. It was meant for Dilwale, an action comedy that became one of the highest-earning Indian movies ever released despite its mixed reviews. Reportedly, the critics found it formulaic. Fortunately, formulaic doesn’t necessarily mean unenjoyable, as shown by the movie’s impressive box office numbers. Indeed, one can say something similar about “Tukur Tukur.” It isn’t what anyone would consider ground-breaking. Even so, it excels at being what it is supposed to be.

1. “Kar Gayi Chull”

“Kar Gayi Chull” is another party song that managed to make it big when it came out. Kakkar provided her vocals in her characteristic style. However, others helped out by providing rap segments, which combined to make the song the most memorable on the movie soundtrack. The movie Kapoor & Sons was notable for being a critical and commercial darling. “Kar Gayi Chull” contributed to that success to some extent. Similarly, it benefited from its parent movie’s momentum.

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