10 Awesome Songs About Lawyers

Warren Zevon

Musicians, singers, and lyricists take their inspiration from many aspects of their daily lives, including their interactions with others and the situations in which they or people they know find themselves.

The people that inspire them may be their lovers, their enemies, or even people in certain professions. In the latter’s case, one group of people who have inspired many songs are lawyers.

So, what are some of the best songs about lawyers?

Here are 10 awesome songs about lawyers.

10. Lawyer Fees –  G Herbo

According to the Foundation of Music, one of the most awesome songs about lawyers is ‘Lawyer Fees’ by G Herbo. The song appears on the 2020 album ‘PTSD.’ It is about growing up in poverty and getting involved in crime to make ends meet. Even though he has turned his life around, he is always still looking over his shoulder for the police, and his lawyer fees are an ongoing debt.

9. Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued –  Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy recorded a song about the trappings of fame for their 2005 album ‘From Under the Cork Tree.’ Originally, the song’s title was ‘My Name Is David Ruffin and These Are the Temptations.’ The original name reflected the song’s theme, as David Ruffin once tried to change the name of the Motown group The Temptations to David Ruffin and The Temptations. His ego led to Ruffin being fired from the group in 1968. Fall Out Boy’s lawyer told the indie rock group that choosing that name for the song could potentially lead to the group being sued. They took their lawyer’s advice literally when renaming the song.

8. Call My Lawyer – Juicy J

American rapper and record producer Juicy J recorded the song ‘Call My Lawyer’ for his 2017 ‘Highly Intoxicated’ mixtape. It is about a man in jail who wants his lawyer to come and get him out. In the song, the lawyer is called Johnny Cochrane. $uicide Boy produced the song.

7. Philadelphia Lawyer – Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard recorded Philadelphia Lawyer in 1970 for the album ‘The Fightin’ Side of Me,’ and the track features Bonnie Owens. The song was written by Woody Guthrie, who was the first to perform the song with Lefty Lou in the 1940s. Some artists who covered the song include Smiley Bates, Jim Rooney, Charlie Moore, and The Country Gentlemen. The latter released their cover of the song in 1973, more than ten years after they recorded it. Therefore, their version was recorded before Merle Haggard’s version.

6. My Attorney Bernie – David Frishberg

‘My Attorney Bernie’ is a song recorded by David Frishberg in 1983. It is about a man with a lawyer friend who impresses him with his big connections and influential friends. The song featured on the album ‘The Dave Frishberg Songbook Volume No. 2.’ It is about a Philadelphia lawyer who falls in love with a Hollywood maid. According to Second Hand Songs, many artists have since covered the song, including Blossom Dearie, Pat Donohue, Judy Roberts, James Naughton, and Pat Austen with The Kenny Clayton Trio. Frishbeg has dueted twice on cover versions of the song, including a 2008 duet with Connie Evingson and a 2012 duet with Jessica Molaskey.

5. Lawyers, Guns, and Money – Warren Zevon

Warren Zeron recorded ‘Lawyers, Guns, and Money’ as the closing track for his 1978 album ‘Excitable Boy.’ It is a rock song that was once described as rock ‘n’ roll at its angriest. Zeron later recorded an edited version of the song for his compilation album ‘A Quiet Normal Life.’ Multiple artists have covered the song, including Rick Derringer, Meat Loaf, The Wallflowers, Hank Williams Jr., and Widespread Panic. The song has featured in many television series, including ‘Justice,’ ‘The Staircase,’ and the YouTube series ‘Strapped.’

4. Will Your Lawyer Talk to God – Kitty Wells

One of the best-known country songs about lawyers is ‘Will Your Lawyer Talk to God’ by Kitty Wells. Harlon Howard and Richard Johnson wrote the song, and Wells recorded it in 1962. However, Wells was not the first artist to record the song, as Dottie West recorded it the previous year. In 2017, Rachel Harrington released an acoustic version of the song.

3. Talk to My Lawyer – Chuck Brodsky

Chuck Brodsky recorded ‘Talk to My Lawyer’ in 1996 for his album ‘Letters in the Dirt.’ It is a song about a man falling on the sidewalk and talking to his lawyer to hold somebody to account for his accident. The song reflects the modern-day blame society, where everyone wants to make some money out of their misfortune by seeking legal advice.

2. Better Get a Lawyer – The Cruel Sea

The Australian indie rock band The Cruel Sea recorded ‘Better Get a Lawyer’ in 1994. It was the lead single from the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Three-Legged Dog.’ Although the single peaked at only number 29 on the ARIA charts, the album topped the album charts in Australia. Jim Elliott, Tex Perkins, Dan Rumour, and James Cruickshank wrote the song. However, Jon Wayne was also given writing credit as many of the lyrics were borrowed from Wayne’s song Texas Jailcell.

1. Lawyers in Love –  Jackson Browne

One of the best songs about lawyers is ‘Lawyers in Love,’ recorded by Jackson Browne in 1983. The artist also wrote and co-produced the single, which was the lead and title single from the 1983 album of the same name. Many music critics consider the single the bridge in the themes used by Browne, as previous singles predominantly focused on his personal life. In contrast, later singles had a political slant. It was Browne’s last top-20 hit. The Cold War was a big inspiration for the single’s music video.

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