Ranking All The Songs from The Armageddon Soundtrack


The movie “Armageddon” came out in 1998 and when it did, it captured the hearts of audiences for so many different reasons. The story was compelling and it kept your interest, but there was more to it than just the plot. The soundtrack itself was interesting enough to keep you focused during any moments where you might have otherwise been tempted to let your attention drift. As a matter of fact, that particular soundtrack is still loved just as much today as it was back when it came out. Below are all of the songs on the Armageddon soundtrack, ranked from worst to best. There’s also a YouTube link for each one.

14. Animal Crackers (Aerosmith)


This is something that confuses a lot of people because this particular song is actually known by two different names. In this particular case, it’s also featured twice on the soundtrack. You’ll be more familiar with it when you see the song that has landed in the number one slot, but for now it’s important to remember that this is more or less the same song with a different title.

13. Starseed (Our Lady Peace)


This is a song that talks about letting go of something in order to achieve something else for the greater good. The lyrics talk about putting real stakes into something, mainly by putting everything that you cherish at risk in order to help someone else, knowing the entire time that the odds are stacked against you.

12. Roll Me Away (Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band)


This particular song echoes a lot of the meaning behind the lyrics in “Starseed,” but it’s accomplished in a much different way. Here, you have someone singing about making a very conscious decision that they’re going to do things their own way, even if it’s likely that they’re going to fail in the process.

11. Mister Big Time (Jon Bon Jovi)


This particular song by Bon Jovi reiterates a scene that you hear a lot throughout this entire film, one of being tired of living life in a selfish manner and wanting to do something for someone else. In this particular case, the lyrics talk about having a hundred different television stations to look at, and being tired of every single one of them because none of them offer the same type of stimulation as doing something completely new or better yet, doing something to help someone else without expecting anything in return.

10. What Kind Of Love Are You On (Aerosmith)


This particular song is sort of like an angry love song. It talks about not getting your way and then blaming someone else for it as well as taking your anger out on everyone except whoever is actually responsible. In short, it talks about not being willing to take responsibility for your own actions.

9. When the Rainbow Comes (Shawn Colvin)


This is another song that further echoes the central theme in the movie, one of leaving everything behind in order to embark on some type of adventure that is completely new and totally unknown. In this particular case, a positive spin is put on it, despite the fact that the people in the movie are embarking on something that would be utterly terrifying.

8. La Grange (ZZ Top)


This is a song that has some rather quirky lyrics. For the most part, it talks about something that virtually every town has, that one property or individual that seems aloof and mysterious. As a result, everyone else has a tendency to pay more attention to what goes on and speculate even more about the things they don’t know, all in an attempt to fill in the blanks as opposed to just minding their own business.

7. Theme from Armageddon (Trevor Rabin)


This is the only fully instrumental piece in the entire film. It’s one that changes pace rather frequently in an attempt to convey the many different feelings that one typically feels while watching this film. There are moments that are funny and moments that will make you cry. By the same token, some portions of the film are very poignant in the message they’re trying to convey and in some cases, you’re on the edge of your seat. This song allows you to feel all of those emotions in a matter of minutes.

6. Leaving on a Jet Plane (Chantal Kreviazuk)


This is a take on an old song that again reiterates the theme of the film. It talks about walking away from everything that’s familiar. The lyrics say that a person is leaving and they don’t know if they’ll ever come back. That is precisely the type of situation the people in the film are facing, so it only makes sense to include a song like this.

5. Remember Me (Journey, Steve Augeri)


As you can probably imagine, this is a song about asking someone else to remember you when you’re no longer physically by their side. It’s a sad song, there’s no doubt about that. It’s also one where the individual in the song is practically pleading with their loved ones not to forget them, something that is definitely capable of ramping up the emotions.

4. Come Together (Aerosmith)


Here, you have a song that is about people from different walks of life getting together in order to accomplish a common goal. That’s exactly what you see in the film. In the song, the lyrics are about putting personal differences aside and working for the greater good.

3. Wish I Were You (Patty Smyth, Scandal)


This is another sad song that basically talks not only about falling out of touch with old friends, but also wishing that you could be someone else. It’s one that most people can readily identify with because most of us have had at least a few times in our lives when we wished that we could do something more like another person that we look up to. At its core, this is a song about being rather depressed and isolated, wishing all the while that you could somehow tell other people what you’re really feeling without fear of rejection.

2. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)


This is a very popular song in its own right, one that uses traditional Aerosmith rock lyrics and a heavy beat to get your attention. At the same time, it talks about that emotion that you feel when you fall in love with someone. It’s almost like a ballad as far as the lyrics themselves are concerned, but it’s done in the style of a hard rock song.

1. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)


Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful rock songs that’s ever been written. It’s about loving someone so much that you don’t want to miss a single second of their lives. The lyrics talk about wanting to simply be with that person and how even just hearing them breathe or feeling their heart beat brings you this tremendous amount of comfort that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

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