The 10 Best La India Songs of All Time

Linda Viera Caballero, aka La India, is a popular Puerto Rican songwriter and singer, celebrated in Latin pop, house, and salsa music. Did you know she’s received nominations for Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards?

Her album “Intensamente La India Con Canciones De Juan Gabriel” album won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album. Here are her 10 best songs of all time, as ranked by fans and music critics, for your consideration.

10. “Vivir Lo Nuestro”

Linda Viera Caballero teamed up with beloved singer Marc Anthony in this top-ranking hit song featuring the strong and moving vocals of the duo. It’s the number-one ranked song of La India on Spotify. Vivir Lo Nuestro.” appeared on the “Dicen Que Soy” album, released in 1994. The Musica Tropicale hit remains a fan favorite after nearly three decades, written by composers Normandia Gonzalez and Rudy Perez.

9. “Mi Mayor Venganza”

Women who’ve lived through the heartbreak of a cheating lover find solace in this hit song about a traitor in love only with himself. La India realizes that her greatest revenge is that his new lover stays in the relationship, but she’ll soon find out who the man is.

It’s about pain and anger, but knowing that guys like him don’t change their ways. She’s better off without him and lets him go without a fight, glad to be rid of the problem. Rodolpho Barrera composed the song appearing in 1997 on her fifth studio album titled “Sobre el Fuego.”

8. “Nubes Negras”

“Nubes Negras is the title song from the album of the same name. The song features artist GOYO in the latest release from La India, dropping in 2022. It’s a moving song about domestic violence and the pain women experience, feeling trapped in a dangerous relationship, but it’s also about acting to get away and reclaim your life.

Although the tune hasn’t been out for long, it’s becoming popular with a moving video that drives home the need for women to support each other and help friends get away from toxic situations. The message is timely, although based on a touchy subject that La India and GOYO hit head-on.

7. “Nunca Voy a Olvidarte”

“Nunca Voy a Olvidarte” hit the charts as a hit single and appeared in the “Dicen Que Soy” album released in 1994. The song was one of the most requested on Musica Tropicale radio, placing as one of her top five songs of all time. It received airplay on Latin Tropical and Salsa stations as a phenomenon throughout the year and into 1995, according to Pandora.

6. “Sola”

“Sola” is the titular hit single from the album of the same name, released in 1999. Although down the road from her previous heyday, the song was a hit and made the charts as her popularity maintained a status quo. No longer a phenomenon, this triggering song has a darker theme of love and sexual desire with the bittersweetness of love only partly fulfilled from the male perspective.

5. “Hielo”

“Hielo” is the second hit from La India’s 1999 album “Sola.” The song found a home with those who were brokenhearted over broken promises from a lover who promised to stay but left in the end. It tells the story of a woman who tries to stay with her lover when all she feels is ice in place of the fires of love. She tries to remain faithful and stay by her side to honor her promises to him, but can no longer endure living with a man she doesn’t love.

4. “I Love the Nightlife”

This song is a departure from the norm for La India. It’s a remake of the popular disco sound that was released in 1999. The song triggered Latin disco enthusiasts and found a home with the small niche of hangers-on as the scene faded into history. It came out as La India’s career began to wind down from a long and illustrious heyday. “I Love the Nightlife” appeared as a single, coming out on “Nuyorican Soul”

3. “Ese Hombre”

Online Radiobox places this hit in the number two spot while others have it further down the list. It’s fair to say that “Ese Hombre” deserves mention at any place in La India’s top five hits. It’s easy to understand why as it describes a man who is better as a friend than a lover.

The bittersweet tune isn’t hateful, but it’s a scathing review of the faults of a man who is uncertain of himself and prefers to put on an outward show while treating his lady badly in private. La India lays it all on the line with no censure in an observation of an obvious mismatch between a man and a woman.

2. “Costumbres”

“Costumbres” is one of the later hit songs for La India. It appears on the “La Mejor Pareja” album released in 2016. It’s a song about habits and customs that are so strong they create grudges among lovers. They part and miss each other, but hold the grudges forever, as it’s also a habit that often trumps love.

1. “Me Canse de Ser la Otra”

The top hit song for La India remains “Me Canse de Ser la Otra.” The song appeared on the 1997 “Sobre el Fuego” album, hitting the charts in a strong position in the Musica Tropicale genre. It’s a song from the perspective of “the other woman” in a man’s life. She’s tired of being second and living in shame, sneaking around. She walks away from the situation to start her new life with no more hiding and pretending.

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