The 10 Best Chris Rea Songs of All-Time

Most people are at least familiar with the name Chris Rea. After all, he’s a well-known musician that has had more than one chart-topper in the UK and has made a name for himself all over the globe. He’s best known for a combination of rock and blues that practically created a genre of its own.

He’s also known for being able to play the guitar better than many other individuals who have been at it for years. Last but not least, he’s a hard worker, having recorded more than 25 studio albums over the years. Here are ten of his best songs.

10. Somewhere Between the Stars (2011)

This is arguably one of the most touching songs ever performed. It also has a bit of a melancholy element to it. The lyrics talk about waiting somewhere in the distance, past everything that is known, for the loved one left behind after you die. In a sense, the person is saying that nothing can separate two people who love one another, not even death.

When one person in a close relationship passes, that person will be watching over the other individual, patiently waiting for them to join them. It’s a lovely sentiment, and it’s also one that will probably have you reaching for the tissues before the song is over.

9. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (1983)

Have you ever been so close to someone that you would swear you could hear their heartbeat, even when you’re miles apart from one another? This is a song that poses that question, talking about how no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, you can still hear that special person’s heart beating in your mind. It is a song about loving someone so much that physical distance has no power over that love whatsoever.

8. Winter Song (1991)

This particular song talks about the very real physical harshness involved with the winter season. It also expertly intertwines that harshness with the desire to shield people that you love from anything and everything that might potentially cause them harm. As such, the winter cold becomes the perfect metaphor as the person in the lyrics shields his significant other from everything that seems cold and uncaring.

7. Nothing to Fear (1992)

This is another song that definitely makes you feel all of your emotions as they bubble right to the surface. In the lyrics, one person is talking to another individual, someone they love very much, who is near death. He’s reassuring them that even though their life is coming to an end, they have absolutely nothing to fear. He’s trying to let them know that he’s right there by their side and that he won’t leave them, no matter what.

6. On the Beach (1986)

The title of this song sounds carefree enough, but the lyrics actually tell a different story. It’s a song about remembering back to a time when the individual in the story was happier. At that time, he was involved with the person he considered the love of his life and they spent many warm days on the beach.

Unfortunately, he’s forced to remember these days because, for one reason or another, this is no longer the situation that he is dealing with on a daily basis. It’s a song that anyone can relate to if they’ve ever lived through what they consider the perfect time in their life, only to realize that it has passed and they will probably never have anything quite like it again.

5. The Blue Cafe (1998)

The life of a musician isn’t always a happy one. That was never more poignant than in the lyrics to this song, where he openly sings about being away from home all the time, traveling all over the world, and the toll that this takes on his personal relationships. He talks about not being physically present for the people that he loves most.

In the song, the cafe in question is some obscure location, not one with four walls. Instead, it is an intangible place where people go when their heart is broken. He talks about meeting the people he loves most there because his absence has also hurt them the most.

4. Looking for the Summer (1989)

Seasons are often used to denote both change and emotion in songs. In this particular song, the lyrics talk about the harsh cold of winter. They also discuss constantly looking for the warmth of summer.

In reality, it’s a song about dealing with things in life that don’t work out as planned, often leaving people feeling cold and even somewhat numb inside. However, it’s also a song about always looking for the good things in life and refusing to be beaten down by the things that don’t go your way.

3. And You My Love (1989)

This particular song is a bit of a stylistic departure for Rea, and that also includes the subject matter. The lyrics in the song talk about falling in love with someone who is innocent. The person telling the story doesn’t consider himself to be innocent in any capacity, and he’s faced with the dilemma of dealing with his past as opposed to simply walking away from the relationship in its entirety. It all comes to a head when he’s forced to tell the love of his life all the things that he’s done, all the while fearing that she may never see him the same way again.

2. Curse of the Traveller (1987)

This is another song that talks about constantly being on the road. While many people think that it’s the perfect lifestyle, one where they get to see the entire world and do whatever they want, this is a song that tells a different story. It talks about the trials and tribulations involved with not being able to call a single place home and more importantly, being away from the people you love more often than not.

1. Driving Home for Christmas (1986)

Here’s a song that is simply about going home for the holidays. It’s about being with the people that are so deeply loved and sorely missed. It’s a jubilant song that talks about not being able to get there fast enough. It also covers wanting to catch up on everything that’s happened throughout the year.

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