The 10 Best Static X Songs of All Time

On November 1, 2014, Wayne Richard Wells professionally known as Wayne Static passed away in his sleep, robbing the world of a talented musician. He founded the band Static-X in 1994, with the help of Ken Jay. The two later were joined by Tony Campos and Koichi Fukuda, resulting in the lineup being complete. Four years later, the band signed to Warner Bros. They released many songs during the band’s lifetime, and here are some of the best Static-X songs of all time.

10. Skinnyman

It is rare for musicians to admit to having favorite songs, yet Static did not shy away from disclosing his. He revealed to Revolver Magazine that two of the songs he wrote – “Skinnyman” and “Just in Case” – were his best. The singer added that he could never get enough of both songs and as he listened to them, he knew he had done something right. “Skinnyman” is a sad song in which Static talks about missing a little girl and he blames himself for destroying the beautiful relationship they had.

9. Cannibal

Static was very vocal about what he believed and this song is evidence regarding his view on cannibalism. As a strict vegetarian, he once said that he looks at anyone tearing meat from ribs as being one step away from cannibalism. According to him, such people can eat human flesh and would not even notice. It became his favorite song on the record hence decided to also name the album after it. Still, Static was not intent on preaching about vegetarianism but saw the whole scenario as being funny material for a song.

8. I’m The One

This song brings the meaning of “unhinged” to mind. The frontman sings that he is living in the moment and his ego is so inflated that he believes he cannot be beaten. He adds that he does not need or want a particular person whom he says he sees right through even with his eyes closed. In another verse, he appears to admit to having gone through a rough patch that shaped him into the self-destructive person he has become. He no longer cares about things coming to an end or any changes he has to go through because he has been through worse.

7. Cold

Incredibly, the song has only two verses and a chorus repeated continuously until the song ends, yet it remains one of the most popular the band has ever released. It has elements of passion going by the mention of kissing and desiring flesh; thus, Static admitted that he wrote it after being on the road for too long and missing his girlfriend. He disclosed that was one of the major drawbacks of constantly being on tour.

6. Stingwray

Many songs about cars have been released; Tracy Chapman wanted a fast car while Natalie Cole sang about a pink Cadillac. Static was also inspired to write a song inspired by his wife’s car, a Corvette Stingray. Since his wife was Tera Wray, he creatively titled the track “StingWray.”

5. This Is Not

This is another song that portrays how much being on tour for prolonged periods was affecting Static. He says in the song that he calls to tell his loved one he cannot go home, and the loved one replies that it is not home anymore. It affects him so deeply that he mouths her name and thinks to himself how much he hates being away from her because this is not what he signed up for when he decided to go on tour. He had been on the tour bus for a year, and his mental state was at its worst hence he released the pent-up anger the best way he knew how.

4. I’m With Stupid

The song describes how a woman hit a man on the head with a shovel and then tied him with a rope. According to Liquisearch, the band’s frontman once said that the song is based on what he had heard in the news. The singer explained that the woman in the song had a neighbor who was on vacation. Then a man broke into the neighbor’s house so the curious woman and her husband went over to check it out. She admitted to grabbing a shovel and bludgeoning the burglar.

3. Destroyer

The song’s video is a departure from what the band had been delivering to fans. According to Guerilla Candy, the band planned on being different for the first time. Therefore, they had Butcher Brothers direct the video, and they decided to go the roller derby way. Campo even revealed that the teams were actual roller derby teams from Los Angeles who had generously donated their time, and the band had fun recording the video.

2. Push It

According to Produce Like A Pro, this song released in 1999 was seminal in the band’s career. The track’s producer added that It even aided in the band establishing its unique take on metal and incorporating “evil disco,” a term Static X coined. The lyrics are quite graphic as the band talks about having a corrosive mind and explosive eyes. People interpret it differently, some believing that the band referred to how our thoughts can be detrimental to our being.

1. The Only

RAMzine ranks “The Only” as the number one song by Static-X, calling it the most recognizable track the band ever recorded. The magazine goes ahead to say that it is with good reason that the song even made it to be featured in two video games. The songwriter penned what appears to be a mock song; he compares himself to the other person and appears to be delighted that while he is winning, the opponent is losing. It could be a song inspired by a relationship going sour and there is even some name-calling as Static tells the person to follow her divorced reality.

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