The 10 Best Bowling For Soup Songs Of All-Time

Bowling For Soup is one of the most beloved bands of the 2000s, never taking themselves too seriously and are always willing to make a joke out of themselves, and we love them for it. Here are the top 10 best Bowling For Soup songs of all time.

10. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)

Ohio (Come Back To Texas) is Jaret’s plea to his ex-girlfriend to return to him after she left him to go to Ohio. As with most Bowling For Soup songs, they make any sad situation very lighthearted and crack jokes over the events that took place, assuming it is a true story, which it probably isn’t. But who cares? It is an incredibly fun song.

9. Emily

One of Bowling For Soup’s earlier hit songs, releasing on 2002’s Drunk Enough To Dance album. The song is about being rejected by a girl named Emily and then proceeding to hook up with anyone he can to get back at her. The music video is hilarious too, with lead guitarist Chris swapping clothes with a model to gain entry into a club. The video concludes with Emily accidentally drinking a glass of pee. A typical Bowling For Soup music video and song, but this is a perfect example of why we love them.

8. Almost

Have you ever nearly done something awesome but didn’t quite have the balls to actually do it? If so, this song is for you because it turns of there is a lot of things that Jaret has almost done. Did you know that Jaret once almost made out with the homecoming queen? Who then almost became Miss Texas, but unfortunately she came 2nd because the winner had larger breasts. Apparently that story almost happened, and I almost believe him too.

7. Alexa Bliss

Who doesn’t love Alexa Bliss? You either do or you’re wrong. An avid fan of the band, Alexa Bliss later became friends with the band and Bowling For Soup honoured her love of the band with her own song. One of their more recent releases, it is an incredibly fun song about how awesome Alexa Bliss is, and we agree with every word of it. She even features in the music video for the song.

6. Here’s Your Freakin’ Song

Anyone that is a musician will have likely encountered the situation where their partner wants you to write a song about them. We always say we will and never do, but Bowling For Soup actually did it and it sums up exactly how all of our songs would turn out. So the next time your partner asks you to write a song about them, just play them this and say it sums up your thoughts, because let’s face it….this is exactly what you think of them.

5. The B**** Song

The first hit that Bowling For Soup had, The Bitch Song is about hating someone yet still being in love with them. The music video is one of their best too, with the band being sent to prison and each having to deal with various stereotypical events, such as being made someone’s bitch, or dropping the soap. A funny video and a great way to introduce themselves to the world.

4. Punk Rock 101

Have you ever wanted to become a punk rocker? Well, Bowling For Soup has the rulebook for you called Punk Rock 101. Many of the rules are dated now, as we don’t wear baggy pants anymore, so I guess if you’ve always wanted to be a punk rocker from the early 2000s then Bowling For Soup has the rulebook for you. If you ever get to see this song live you will also likely get a photo opportunity in the middle of the song, as seen in the video below.

3. 1985

Perhaps Bowling For Soup’s most well-known song apart from Girl All The Bad Guys Want, and it is actually a cover. 1985 is a midlife crisis in musical form, with the band singing about a woman’s aspirations and dreams in life that never came true and how the 1980s were better. The music video is one of their best too, with the group imitating acts such as Motley Crue, Run DMC, and George Michael.

2. High School Never Ends

Most adults will tell you, in a way high school never ends, many people stay friends with the same group of friends and many people don’t grow up and mature. The video for the song shows the members of Bowling For Soup as children being bullied in high school, before attending their school reunion and getting their own back on the people that made their lives a misery.

1. Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Girl All The Bad Guys Want catapulted Bowling For Soup to stardom in the early 200s. The song is about wanting to be with a girl who prefers to date bad guys, with Jaret knowing he is anything but a bad guy. The music video is funny too, imitating artists such as Aaron Lewis from Staind and Limp Bizkit. The song has remained a fan favourite for 20 years and is just as fun to listen to as it was back then.

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