The 10 Best Greg Kihn Band Songs of All-Time

Unsurprisingly, the Greg Kihn Band is centered on a man named Greg Kihn. He’s an American singer-songwriter who grew up in Baltimore before moving to San Francisco to pursue a music career. Unlike most, Kihn realized his dream, as shown by how the Greg Kihn Band has been active since the mid-1970s. They aren’t the most famous act to emerge from that decade. Even so, they did well for themselves. For proof, look no further than the Greg Kihn Band’s dozen-plus singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Most acts never manage that even once.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Greg Kihn Band songs ever released:

10. “Tear That City Down”

“Tear That City Down” is overshadowed to a considerable extent. It was never a single. Furthermore, it shares an album with “Jeopardy,” the Greg Kihn Band’s most successful song ever released. Still, “Tear That City Down” possesses a certain appeal that makes it more memorable than most.

9. “Sheila”

Tommy Roe created the original song because of a girl he knew from high school. As a result, interested individuals shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the song is about a high school crush. Roe’s version was successful enough to inspire several covers. The Greg Kihn Band version gets a nod because it can stand its ground relative to its counterparts.

8. “The Girl Most Likely”

“The Girl Most Likely” came from the same album as “Sheila.” Specifically, it was the third single from Rockihnroll, whereas “Sheila” was the second. “The Girl Most Likely” didn’t perform quite as well, as shown by how it peaked at the number 104 rather than the number 102 position. Still, its originality earned it the higher spot on this list. It helps that “The Girl Most Likely” is an uplifting song about someone who has found incredible success despite being doubted by most people around her.

7. “Happy Man”

Meanwhile, “Happy Man” is a single from Kihntinued. It sees the narrator singing about what makes him happy. As it turns out, his answer is quite simple. He’s satisfied so long as he has his significant other with him, meaning he sees no need to pursue other things the way some might. “Happy Man” resonated with enough people to reach the number 62 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

6. “Every Love Song”

“Every Love Song” was the single that followed “Happy Man.” It didn’t climb as high on the Billboard Hot 100. Instead, it stopped at the number 82 position. Still, “Every Love Song” did a remarkable job of depicting how overwhelming love can be. It’s named thus because every love song makes the narrator think about the person who has caught his eye, which is about as clear a sign of infatuation as these things get.

5. “Love and Rock and Roll”

It seems safe to say that the Greg Kihn Band has a taste for the things sung about in this song. After all, they seem to come up often in the band’s music. “Love and Rock and Roll” is notable for being the last time the Greg Kihn Band had a song on the Billboard Hot 100, as shown by its number 92 spot finish in 1986. It isn’t the same as its predecessors. Some of that is the time that passed between them. However, it should also be mentioned that the people who made “Love and Rock and Roll” and its album-mates weren’t quite the same list of people as before. Kihn was still around. More than one of the other original members were not. That didn’t make this song lacking. If anything, it had a new sense of energy to it.

4. “Lucky”

Some bands see a steady decline in their fortunes. The Greg Kihn Band wasn’t one of them. “Lucky” came out a year before “Love and Rock and Roll,” meaning it’s another 1980s song. Despite that, it peaked at number 30 in the United States, which made it one of the band’s most popular songs ever released. To be fair, that’s understandable. It’s hard not to like someone down on their luck singing about their joy at having stumbled into love.

3. “Reunited”

“Reunited” was the single that opened Kihntagious in 1984. It is very much the same kind of music one would expect from listening to the rest of Greg Kihn Band’s work. The critical difference is that “Reunited” seems to have benefited the most from their years of experience. Suffice it to say that its selection as the lead single was no coincidence.

2. “Jeopardy”

“Jeopardy” is the most successful song the Greg Kihn Band has ever released. After all, it reached the second position on the Billboard Hot 100, thus making it one spot short of being a chart-topper. As such, it dominates the public recollection of the Greg Kihn Band. One example of this can be seen in how “Jeopardy” was popular enough to receive a Weird Al Yankovic parody called “I Lost On Jeopardy,” which further raised its profile at the time. In a different world, it’s possible that “Jeopardy” could’ve been a chart-topper. That never happened because its timing meant it went head-to-head with Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

1. “The Breakup Song”

“The Breakup Song” never reached the same heights as “Jeopardy.” It had an enthusiastic reception. However, number 15 was quite a few spots lower than what “Jeopardy” managed. Despite this, “The Breakup Song” wins out because of its sense of humor. Unsurprisingly, it’s a song in which the narrator laments the end of his relationship. The funny part is that the Greg Kihn Band also used it to poke fun at what they considered the declining quality of breakup songs. Considering this song’s release in 1981, one can’t help but wonder what they think of today’s breakup songs.

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