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Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge has been singing for decades. During that time, she has moved countless numbers of fans and inspired entire generations. She’s also released more than her fair share of albums. When considering studio albums alone, she’s released 14 of them. Seasoned fans have their favorites but if you’re relatively new to her music, it might be hard to figure out where to start. Below are all 14 studio albums, ranked from number 14 to number one. Just in case you haven’t had a chance to hear any of that music for yourself yet, there is a YouTube link for each one so whenever you have the time, you can find out whether her music speaks to you in the same way that it speaks to so many other individuals.

14. A New Thought for Christmas (2008)


It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that this particular album ended up coming in last of the 14 studio albums, as holiday albums don’t typically tend to do as well as mainstream releases. This particular one made it onto the Billboard Top 200 chart in the US, but it only got to 113. Nevertheless, it was a project that Etheridge enjoyed working on and something that she had wanted to do for quite some time. Despite the fact that it didn’t perform particularly well, she has commented that she is still happy that she ultimately decided to move forward with the project.

13. The Medicine Show (2019)


Released as a group effort between Concord Records and ME Records, this is obviously one of her more recent studio albums. Unfortunately, it didn’t do as well with the general public as she had hoped. While hitting the Billboard Top 200 charts in the United States, it only made it to number 95. In addition, there wasn’t a great deal of air time involved with any of the songs that were on this album.

12. This Is M.E. (2014)


This particular album was something of a pet project for Etheridge. As such, she released it on her own label, ME Records. It’s also one of her more in-depth projects, as it involves 11 tracks on a standard release and an additional four bonus tracks on a special release. Although the album didn’t do nearly as well as some of the work she had previously done, it did make it to number 21 in the United States.

11. 4th Street Feeling (2012)


Etheridge recorded this album at the famed House of Blues. She also had a hand in co-producing every single track that’s on the album, something that she did at her own insistence. The album, which was released on Island Records, made it to number 18 on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the United States.

10. Lucky (2004)


This was the eighth studio album for Etheridge. While it didn’t sell enough copies to hit gold or platinum, it certainly wasn’t a flop, either. In fact, it made it to number 15 on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the United States. More than 92,000 copies of the album were sold in the US alone.

9. The Awakening (2007)


This was her ninth studio album and one that made it to number 13 on the charts in the United States. Many people consider it to be somewhat unique because it isn’t just a standard album. Instead, she made it highly personalized, using each song on the album to convey her views about politics and religion. Many people consider the album to be autobiographical in nature.

8. Skin (2001)


This was Etheridge’s seventh studio album and it made it all the way to number nine on the charts in the United States. It also offers a unique take on things, as the album was used to highlight the way that Etheridge felt after her previous relationship of 12 years fell apart. At the time, she was going through a great deal of grief because of the break-up and she used her musical ability to express those feelings as she tried to begin the healing process. The album also explores the grief and despair that these types of break-ups often come with. While she was notably trying to heal from the previous events centering around her relationship, she was also struggling with the same kind of grief and confusion that anyone else in a similar position would experience. Her songs express the emotional roller coaster ride that she was going through at the time.

7. Fearless Love (2010)


This particular album made it to number seven on the charts in the United States. More importantly, it served as a personal victory for Etheridge. She once stated that the entire album was about learning how to choose love instead of fear. As such, all of the songs on the album deal with learning to conquer that feeling of fear and choosing to strive for something greater instead.

6. Breakdown (1999)


Many people think of this album as one that involved marketing genius. It was her sixth studio album. The reason that so many people were intrigued by the way it was marketed is because a standard album was released at the exact same time that another album was released with three bonus tracks. The thing is, a lot of people didn’t know about the bonus tracks at the time they purchased the album so they ended up buying the album twice in order to get those three extra tracks. It’s something that’s been done many times since then.

5. Brave and Crazy (1989)


This was the second studio album released by Etheridge and it was an enormous hit. Coming in at number 22 on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the United States, the album quickly went platinum when it sold more than 637,000 copies in that country alone.

4. Never Enough (1992)


This was her third studio album, a direct follow-up to Brave and Crazy. It actually made it one place higher on the charts than the aforementioned album, coming in at number 21. It also went platinum, selling more than 997,000 copies.

3. Melissa Etheridge (1988)


As you probably already know, this was her initial studio album. It was one that proved to be vastly popular. Initially, it hit number 22 on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the US. Eventually, it was certified double platinum and was released in five additional countries.

2. Your Little Secret (1995)


This proved to be her most successful album, coming in at number six on the charts in the US. It also went double platinum, featuring three singles that were released from it. Many fans still consider it to be one of their favorite albums of all-time.

1. Yes I Am (1993)


This was her fourth studio album. It peaked at number 15 on the charts in the United States, meaning that it wasn’t her most successful album at the time. That said, it has since picked up steam with fans and is currently her only six-time platinum album.

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