The 10 Best Theory of a Deadman Songs

Theory of a Deadman

The Canadian rock band known as Theory of a Deadman hails from North Delta, British Columbia. They were formed in 1999, by Tyler Connolly (lead guitarist and lead vocalist) and Dean Black (bass guitar and supporting vocalist). The band is best known for mixing acoustic, alternative rock, country, and post grunge styles that have catapulted them as one of the all-time favorite rock among (not just) their Canadian fans. Since the debut of their first album on September 17, 2002 (Theory of a Deadman), the band has seen nine of their singles reach US Billboard’s Top 10 Mainstream Rock chart. Four of those songs even peaked at #1.

Getting Noticed

Prior to becoming recognized throughout the mainstream music scene, Connolly convinced the ex-girlfriend of Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger to send him the demo of the band’s recording. Soon afterward, Kroeger contacted Connolly and invited him to a barbecue where a record deal saw Theory of a Deadman became the first act to sign up with Kroeger’s 604 Records. Due to the enormous reception of Theory’s first studio album in 2002, not only did the band become an instant fan favorite, but catapulted 604 Records to become what it is today.

Since then, Theory of a Deadman has released a total of seven studio albums:

  • 2002 (Theory of a Deadman)
  • 2005 (Gasoline)
  • 2008 (Scars & Souvenirs)
  • 2011 (The Truth Is…)
  • 2014 (Savages)
  • 2017 (Wake Up Call)
  • 2020 (Say Nothing)

10. No Surprise


Coming from their 2005 album (Gasoline) is (No Surprise) which peaked at #8 on US Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart. A fan favorite among long-term Theory of a Deadman fans, they often comment this serves as a statement that it’s not by fluke, nor surprise, that they’ve quickly achieved a level of success so few other bands ever realize. In Canada, this same song peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Canadian Top 100 Rock chart and Billboard’s US Alternative Airplay chart.

9. Hurricane


This 2012 song from their album (The Truth Is…) starts off with a stormy entry, which dictates the mood as it plays out. (Hurricane) peaked in at #5 on the US Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart while at #22 on their Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Among Canadians, it reached #11.

8. Drown


In 2014, the song (Drown) is released with the album (Savages). With the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock, it peaked at #4, and in Canada, #7. According to the US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, it came in at 43rd spot. This song, along with the album, proved not even a brief vacation from the mainstream music scene was enough to diminish Theory of a Deadman’s musical talent.

7. Angel


Also from their album (Savages), is the song (Angel), which peaked at #@ on the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock chart. It reached #29 on their Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, and at #33 in Canada.

6. Bitch Came Back


The 2011 album (The Truth Is…) features the funny-bone song (Bitch Came Back). Inspired by the popular children’s song (Cat Came Back), Theory of a Deadman illustrates they not only have tremendous musical talent but can be comedic as well.

5. So Happy


The song (So Happy) reached #2 on US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock chart after the release of their 2008 album (Scars & Souvenirs). It reached #4 on the Canadian Rock chart, as well as #58 on the Canadian Hot 100. And, on the US Alternative Airplay, 17th. Who knew, according to Theory of a Deadman, that breaking up would make them so happy? At least this is the case among their fans.

4. Bad Girlfriend


(Bad Girlfriend) also comes from Theory’s (Scars & Souvenirs) album. It scored top spot with the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock chart, as well as 3rd on Canada’s. With US Alternative Airplay, it reached #8. With the Canadian Top 100, this song placed 42nd and in the US Billboard Top 100 Music chart, 75th.

3. Rx (Medicate)


2017’s album (Wake Up Call) released the song (Rx) and it became a cult favorite among music fans worldwide. In the US Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, it ranked #1 while on their Hot Rock & Alternative at #4. It was also #4 with Billboard Canada’s Rock chart. With US Alternative Airplay, it placed 28th and with Canada’s Top 100, 86th.

2. Hate My Life


The song (Hate My Life) from Theory of a Deadman comes from their 2008 album (Scars & Souvenirs). A cult favorite among mainstream and alternative rock fans, this song reached the most amount of chart rankings according to the band’s discography, On the US Mainstream Rock chart, it placed third while the Canadian equivalent peaked them at 8th, and in Canda’s Top 100, at 65th The US Alternative Airplay scored the song at #8 while its US Rock & Alternative Songs chart at #26. It is also the band’s only song that made it into the UK’s official album chart, ranking at #92.

1. Lowlife


Seemingly to be the official anthem of “lowlifes” everywhere, this song from the 2011 album (The Truth Is…) ranked as high as #1 on the US Billboard’s Top 100 Mainstream Rock chart. To this day, music fans shout out this song with pride the moment they hear it. With the US Hot Rock & Alternative Song chart, (Lowlife) peaks at #4. In Canada, #6, US Alternative Airplay #25, and Canada’s Hot 100 at #55.

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