The 10 Best Cobra Starship Songs of All-Time

Cobra Starship came into existence because Midtown frontman Gabe Saporta decided to go on a vision quest by smoking peyote. Initially, it was a solo project. Later, it became a full-fledged band when Saporta recruited other members. Sadly, Cobra Starship never reached the top of the music industry. Still, it released several memorable songs over a decade, thus making it more successful than most acts.

Here is our opinion of the best Cobra Starship songs ever released:

10. “One Day Robots Will Cry”

This song had one of the cleverer titles on Cobra Starship’s second studio album. After all, robots are often depicted as cold and unfeeling. As a result, it tends not to be a compliment for someone in a romantic relationship to be compared to one. The song’s lyrics describe a pair of exes meeting up after a long time. One of them wants to get back together, thus explaining why he goes to great lengths to convince the other that he is a changed man who won’t hurt them like he did in the past.

9. “Hot Mess”

“Hot Mess” is the title track of Cobra Starship’s third studio album. It isn’t the cleverest song ever penned. Fortunately, it never needed to be. “Hot Mess” earned a spot on this list for being one of the band’s catchiest songs ever released, which is no small achievement considering the competition.

8. “Send My Love to the Dancefloor, I’ll See You in Hell”

This song is a breakup song. However, it has a somewhat unusual attitude. Generally speaking, breakup songs are driven by strong negative emotions. Sometimes, the singer is furious at their ex. Other times, they are crushed in the process.

The narrator for this song is more accepting than anything else. As far as he is concerned, his relationship is over, with there being no real chance for either party to salvage the situation. Due to that, it would be best for them to head to the dancefloor so they can end things on a positive note rather than sour by continuing to cling to one another.

7. “Never Been in Love”

“Never Been in Love” is notable for being Cobra Starship’s last single. Fittingly, the band went out on a high note because this is as relationship-affirming as songs get. Of course, Cobra Starship wouldn’t have been able to deliver the same results without Icona Pop.

6. “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)”

Snakes on a Plane is a classic example of a much-hyped movie that failed to meet expectations. For those curious, people became fascinated by the movie’s concept before it came out in the mid-2000s, thus resulting in a great deal of online buzz. Despite this, Snakes on a Plane had a $15.25 million opening weekend that fell far short of the $20 million to $30 million expected.

Still, “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)” merits mention for being the song that introduced Cobra Starship to the world. Besides this, it is notable for featuring three other artists, which makes more sense when one learns that Saporta did the debut studio album as a solo artist. Interested individuals might even recognize some of the featured artists, seeing as they went on to have notable careers elsewhere.

5. “Middle Finger”

One might expect “Middle Finger” to be an angry song. However, Cobra Starship isn’t that kind of band, meaning those expectations are way off. Instead, “Middle Finger” runs off of cheerful defiance more than anything else, which is much more in line with the band’s general style.

4. “The City Is At War”

“The City Is At War” is unexpectedly serious for something from Cobra Starship. It isn’t the most subtle song ever released. The lyrics are about young people with money destroying themselves through overindulgence in drugs and other vices that make poor substitutes for true happiness. That said, a touch of seriousness isn’t necessarily bad, which is why this song made it to the fourth position on this list.

3. “Good Girls Go Bad”

“Good Girls Go Bad” is one of Cobra Starship’s most successful songs. It reached the number seven position in the United States. Moreover, it went double platinum in the country. In this, “Good Girls Go Bad” was helped by being a highly catchy party song released around the summer. Funny enough, it also revealed that Leighton Meester has a surprisingly good singing voice, though she never managed to get her solo singing career very far off the ground.

2. “Guilty Pleasure”

“Guilty Pleasure” isn’t one of Cobra Starship’s best-known songs. Even so, a sizable number of listeners consider it one of the band’s best, thus making it a reminder that it can be worthwhile to dig deep into an artist’s discography.

Like much of Cobra Starship’s musical output, it is a song that encourages people to get moving as soon as possible. The neat thing is that it is downright dismissive of emotional messiness in preference for dancing until dawn. As such, “Guilty Pleasure” has a shearing simplicity that enhances rather than detracts from its effect.

1. “You Make Me Feel . . .”

“You Make Me Feel . . .” is Cobra Starship’s most successful song. It tied with “Good Girls Go Bad” in the United States. What enabled this song to pull ahead would be its sales figures, which were consistently stronger than those of its predecessor. For example, it went triple-platinum rather than double-platinum in the United States. Similarly, it went double-platinum rather than platinum in Canada. Sabi deserves a sizable chunk of the credit for this success because of her role as the featured artist.

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