The 10 Best Brandi Carlile Songs of All-Time

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile has been performing and recording music since 2004. She is an American musician, songwriter, and producer from Ravensdale, Washington. After graduating high school, she moved to Seattle, where she joined a band called The Fighting Machinists as their lead singer. In 2004, at the age of 23, she released her first album entitled “The Story,” which she recorded at 19. The album featured her brother Phil and was co-produced by their father. The album contains 12 songs, and it features multiple instruments such as piano, banjo, and guitar; however, Brandi Carlile is primarily known for her folk music style and raspy vocals. Over the years, she has released several albums, and one of the most popular songs she has recorded is “The Story,” which talks about her life growing up in Ravensdale, Washington. Today, we count down the ten best Brandi Carlile songs of all time.

10. Broken Horses


“Broken Horses” is the first song on Brandi Carlile’s album “In These Silent Days.” Trent Dabbs of the band Absentstar wrote the song. The theme of this song is about trying to solve a family issue, which involves broken relationships between people due to some disagreement or undisclosed truth. It is a very light song, and it is easy for people to listen to while still enjoying the lyrics and the melody. These Silent Days came out in 2021, and it was her first album that featured songs with a more country style. It would be an understatement to say that she has improved over the years as she continues to grow both musically and artistically.

9. Highwomen


Highwomen is a country song written by Brandi Carlile and Nashville songwriters Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey, and Lori McKenna. The Highwomen is a supergroup consisting of female singers from different bands like Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, and Miranda Lambert. They have always wanted to work together because they share the same values in music. Traditionally, male singers have dominated country music, and it is difficult for women to break into the industry as they don’t typically get as much recognition as men do. Luckily, that is starting to change. The lyrics describe how sometimes life deals with a bad hand, but if people stick together and help each other out, everyone will be okay.

8. Right on Time


Right on TimeTime is a song from Brandi Carlile’s album In These Silent Days. The song focuses on the idea of soulmates and how love can get you through anything. It is a very positive song about moving forward in life and enjoying every moment along the way. For her, expressing herself through music has been very therapeutic, and it gives her an outlet to get all of her emotions out into the world. In These Silent Days is a very personal album, and it features songs that talk about things that Brandi Carlile has experienced throughout her life.

7. Heart’s Content


“Heart’s Content” is a song written by Brandi Carlile and John Paul White. It was recorded for her album, Bear Creek, released in 2012. The theme of this song is about a person who has been through a lot of pain, but now they can look at the good things that have happened in their life. It is a song about looking forward to the future with excitement, which is why it is so important for people to have positivity in their lives even when they feel discouraged.

6. This Time Tomorrow


This Time Tomorrow is a folk song about the idea of starting over after a breakup. It is very somber and relaxing, which is why it appeals to so many people worldwide. In 2021 Brandi Carlile released her album In These Silent Days, which helped her establish herself as one of the most talented artists in recent history. Today, she is a household name, and various big-time musicians have covered her music.

5. Crowded Table 2019


“Crowded Table” is a song written by Brandi Carlile and Phil Hanseroth. This song talks about how people are always competing for attention when working together to create something beautiful. It was recorded for her album The Highwomen Daughter in 2019. It has since become one of the top songs that people like to play at their weddings as a way for the couple to express how they feel about each other and their relationship.

4. The Joke


The Joke is a song written by Brandi Carlile along with Phil Hanseroth. The song talks about how things happen in life that we don’t always agree with, but if we look at the good, everything will eventually make sense to us. It was recorded for her album, By the Way, I Forgive You, which came out in 2018. It was recorded with her long-time collaborator Trish Mcentire, and it is an instant classic that many of Carlile’s fans love to listen to.

3. Carried Me With You


Brandi Carlile writes the song along with Anne Preven. It was recorded for the soundtrack of the Brazilian movie Dois Irmãos, which came out in 2020. The song talks about how people can get through the tough times if they have someone there to help them. Although this song speaks about love, it is also about having a companion and someone you can talk to during the lowest points in your life.

2. You and Me On The Rock


You and Me On The Rock is a song written by Brandi Carlile and members of the group Lucius. It was recorded for her album In These Silent Days, which came out in 2021. This song has an upbeat tempo; however, the lyrics are very somber. It talks about how people won’t always be together, and they will have to go their separate ways at times. It is a song that many people play when they want to express how they feel about someone going through a tough time in their life.

1. The Story


The Story is a song written by Brandi Carlile along with Tim Hanseroth. It was recorded for her album The Story, which came out in 2007. This song is about how people can learn from their failures, and it doesn’t matter what you have gone through because “we’re always where we want to be.” This is why this song is popular among people trying to get over the hard times in their lives. They realize that there’s always something good waiting for them at the end of the day, and this helps give them hope.


Although Brandi Carlile was born in Ravensdale, Washington, she lives in Seattle. She is one of the most talented artists of our generation, having received 12 Grammy nominations since her career began in 2004. Various other musicians have covered her music, including Adele and Pearl Jam. Her songs are known for their lyrical content and the passion that she puts behind every song.

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